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Success Coach, Confidence Coach, Business Coach — Meet Christina!

 Christina knows what it takes to begin to alter your life and take challenges head-on. It starts with DECIDING IT’S YOUR TURN. Christina has built a successful, professional golf career and business by finding her worth and deciding (over and over) that it was HER turn… and her gift in life is to help you do the same! Her no bullshit, loving approach will be one of the best resources you’ve ever invested in for yourself! 

During her own personal transformation she realized just how important (and at time, challenging) it is to own your worth. Having helped people all across the world, she is proud and excited to help coach you into a life you love. One that’s focused on using your passion, creating profit, and continuing to keep deciding it’s your turn, NO MATTER WHAT!

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Check out the article, The Multi-Talented Christina Lecuyer by Rick Young at scoregolf.com. Rick Young blogs about what’s new and what’s happening in the world of golf equipment and business. Read the full article here.
Powerhouse Women with Lindsey Schwartz

Powerhouse Women with Lindsey Schwartz

Christina joins Lindsey Schwartz (Wellness Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Powerhouse Women Event Founder and Midwest Girl at Heart) as they discuss the power of reinventing yourself,
how to step out of your fear and into your true worth, and
the importance of truly investing in YOU.

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