Get lit up—by your own life.


It’s your turn to live the life of your dreams.

If you’re sick of living your life from the sidelines, watching other people win at life while you’re confused about what you want or how to get to the next level, you’re in good company, friend. I was once stuck in my life and career, too.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to stay stuck. You can have the career, business or life of your dreams, too—you just have to decide it’s your turn. The question is: Will you?

Here’s what happens when you decide it’s your turn.

The life you daydream about—the one with the seven-figure business or the successful career, the one with the healthy relationships, purpose and joy? That is what happens when you finally decide it’s your turn to live the life of your dreams. Here’s the catch: You have to go all-in. No questioning if you have what it takes. You do. And I’m here to help you prove that to yourself.


The coach you need for the life you want.

If you want a different life, you need to do things differently. You have to quit playing small and buying into your mindset bullshit. You have to play big. You have to believe in yourself. You have to invest in yourself. I know it’s hard because I’ve done it in my own life, and I promise you with my no-BS approach to confidence coaching, we can do it in your career, business or life, too.

Talks so good, they’re known as “LeCures”.

As a former professional golfer and television personality, I’m no stranger to the spotlight—or a stage. I’ll take those experiences and my trademark confidence to your stage for an experience so insightful and inspirational, your audience might just refer to it as the “LeCure” they didn’t know they needed. Forget nodding off through the keynote—I’ll make your audience wake up to their limitless potential, motivate them to take control of their lives, and maximize their results in your business.


Meet the Decision Faith & Action™ framework.

Changing your life starts with making a burn-all-the-bridges decision to do things differently. But deciding isn’t enough: You need to take action in the name of what you want and have faith that everything is happening for you—yeah, even when shit hits the fan, because it will. But I’m here to ensure you keep taking unwavering action toward the career, business or life of your dreams.

Hiring a Confidence Coach Gets You Results Like These…

Since working with Christina I have been more willing to consider taking uncomfortable situations over easy routes. Christina has amazing contacts, and both she and they have been willing to share their experience and advice to help me grow. Christina is more than a confidence coach, she becomes your friend and part of your tribe. Christina enjoys what she does 100%, and it shows. She has helped me see that I am valuable just the way I am and that I deserve to live my best life!

I’m still working with Christina, and love her energy and positivity. She helps keep me in the right mind-frame that invites all the good vibes into my life. I would absolutely recommend Christina, and I am talking about her any chance I get! I am going to continue to work with Christina, and I know that positive attitude, positive tribe, and abundant life are all mine for the taking!

Karen Mikulski – Partner, TSCG

There is no one like her. I have seen so many women try to do what she does, but they are missing the key element that sums up Christina- she believes in what she does and she does it because she wants to. She does not do it for the money, she does it to help others get to the level she is.

Lucy Baehr – Photographer

I have loved being able to hear from different speakers on calls and being able to continue to tap into fast action. I love working with Christina because we’re very similar in mindset and she pushes me to do things I know I can do, but sometimes doubt. She reminds me of me in like….5 years. Probably less 😛 Since working together, I have sent ballsy emails I probably wouldn’t have sent months ago, I’ve learned how to make those emails more impactful, and I’ve kept consistency at the forefront of my memory bank because we talk about it so dang much!

I’ve become WAY more open to the universe and its abundance. I’ve sold out my first Zoom show, which Christina helped me invent and confidence to sell. Being around people in this mindset is a large confidence boost. It’s easier to remind myself to give myself grace, easier to get out of a low vibe, easier to take a rest because I know I have to fill my cup first. Truly have loved the chance to get to know some other like-minded people. I would definitely recommend hiring a confidence coach to others, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Faith – Singer-Songwriter

I didn’t know what direction I was taking when I signed on for 1:1 with (the f**king amazing) Christina Lecuyer. Since attending Decide It’s Your Turn in Austin, I knew I craved something more… I joined her Mastermind in 2020, only to be faced with the beginning of Covid and the beginning of my Cancer journey. Surviving BOTH, I found myself lost again… I knew I had to take the plunge… and I will never look back or regret a dime. Christina is more than a confidence coach, she is a friend. She cares. She’s genuine. She is a badass. She pushes and pushes (and sometimes it’s like “f*** off”), but in the end, it is the greatest experience you will know. Whether you need business or mindset – the opportunity with Christina is endless. I went into it with a mish mash of thoughts and came out of it with clarity, confidence and contentment. I will forever be grateful for you, Christina.

Michelle C. – Wife, Mother, and Business Owner

Meet Your Confidence Coach

From rock bottom to bottomless confidence.

Before I was ever a confidence coach, I was a professional golfer and television personality, rubbing shoulders with millionaires, flying in private jets, and making $10,000 a day doing it. Here’s the thing: I was miserable. But I decided to change my life—because I was the only person who could. You are too.


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Decide it’s your turn, and never look back.
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