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Crossed $5 million in revenue

Scaled home business to 7 figures

Reduced hours and profited 6 figures

Increased second year business profit 75%

Received a $30,000 raise

Opened multiple locations

Named the salesperson of the year

Built self-confidence and self-trust

Found personal purpose in life

Created a life of limitless possibilities

Confidence Coaching Packages

The confidence coach you need for
the life you want.

If you want a different life, you need to do things differently. You need to invest in yourself and show the hell up for your investment. You need a confidence coach who tells it like it is, keeps you accountable, and never gives up on you—even when you want to give up on yourself. If you’re ready for the tough love you need to get the life you want, I’m your girl. Here’s how we can work together:


Get game-changing support and 24/7 accountability with my signature confidence coaching package: The personalized strategy you need to reset your mindset, build the self-trust to go after what you most want with confidence, faith and “I can’t believe I’m doing this”-level action.

  • Three 45-minute coaching calls per month
  • Personalized action steps
  • Six months of unlimited voice messaging support
  • 15% off all live events and retreats
  • Access to quarterly client happy hour calls where you can connect with all of Christina’s other clients
  • $2,297/month x 6 months


Get high-level coaching at an insanely low price point with my confidence coaching membership. Designed for go-getters and action-takers who know that hands-on, one-on-one support is the thing that will get them where they want to go—but want to do it on a budget.

  • One 45-minute coaching call per month
  • Personalized action steps
  • No voice messaging support
  • 15% off all live events and retreats
  • Access to quarterly client happy hour calls where you can connect with all of Christina’s other clients
  • $558/month x 12 months


Get immediate clarity for what’s next in your career, business or life with one-off, intensive support. We’ll strategize a personalized action plan on a two-hour coaching call, so you can walk away with confidence and peace about what to do next—no more confusion or self-doubt.

  • One 2-hour coaching call
  • Personalized action steps
  • One week of unlimited voice messaging support
  • 15% off all live events and retreats
  • $1,500 one-time fee

    *Decide an intensive was too good and want to jump into 24/7 support? Sign up for the 6 month package and take $1000 towards your first month.  

Because you deserve a speaker that’s actually motivational.

We’ve all been there: The event where the keynote speaker couldn’t keep the audience awake, let alone motivated. Your audience nodded off while you crunched the numbers on how much it cost to put everyone to sleep. It didn’t have the impact you’d expected—but you didn’t have me.

I’m known for giving wildly energizing and entertaining talks that help audiences feel motivated and confident enough to make the sales or break the records. Whomever your audience is, I’ll leave them with actionable takeaways that’ll move them toward a stronger mindset and better results.

Meet Christina Lecuyer

A natural motivational speaker.

Before I was ever a confidence coach and motivational speaker, I was a professional golfer and television personality, no stranger to the spotlight—or a stage. I’ve hosted two TV shows for Fox Sports, appeared on three Golf Channel series, and delivered over 20 talks across the North America, from high school track teams to Fortune 500 companies—affectionately known as “LeCures” thanks to their humorous insights and tangible next steps. But don’t take it from me, listen to my podcast for a sneak peek into my speaking style: Confident, candid, and empathetic.

How It Works:

    Click the link below to fill out the booking form and share the details of your event.
    We’ll book a call to get to know each other and if I’m the right speaker for your audience.
    Pick a keynote from my curated list—or we can discuss a custom keynote just for you.
    Secure your event date with a deposit, and pay the remainder two weeks before the event.

Keynote Topics

From Rock Bottom to Bottomless Self-Confidence

Mastering Mindset & Overcoming Overwhelm

Female Ambition in Male-Dominated Industries

Meet Your Confidence Coach

From rock bottom to

bottomless confidence.

Confidence Coaching

Before I was ever a confidence coach, I was a pro golfer and television personality, rubbing shoulders with millionaires, flying in private jets, and making $10,000 a day doing it. Here’s the thing: I wasn’t happy. I knew my long drive and blonde hair were my ticket to “success,” so I played golf, hid an eating disorder, and stayed stuck for years before I ever learned how to live the purposeful, joyful life I live today.

I want a different story for you. One where getting to the next level in your career, business or life isn’t riddled with confusion and self-doubt. One where you’re clear and confident in your purpose. One where “success” looks like whatever the fuck you want it to, and you measure success not just by the money in your bank account, but by the joy in your days and the fierce connection to your source of abundance.

Are you in, or what?

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What My Clients Say

“There’s no one like her.”

—Sarah Faith

“F*cking amazing.”

—Michelle Cardinal

“Nothing short of transformational.”

—Jon Miksis

“Life and business on a whole next level.”

—Rachele Lock

Make the life of your dreams your only option.

Decide it’s your turn, and never look back.
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