Building Confidence With Your Human Design Profile

Unlock your true potential and build confidence through discovering your Human Design profile, with women’s empowerment coach and Human Design expert, Rachel Varitimos.

    Welcome to Human Design


    Meet Rachel Vartimos, a women’s empowerment coach and human design expert.


    It takes courage and bravery to live a life that is in alignment with your human design profile. 


    Human design profiles originated in the 70s and was channeled through a lens of further understanding your framework, as well as understanding others on a deeper level.


    Human design is a combination of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy.

    Human Design Profiles


    The different “energy” types or Human Design Profiles are as follows:

    • Generators
    • Manifesting Generators 
    • Manifestors 
    • Reflectors
    • Projectors 


    Knowing what human design profile you are allows you to build the confidence to trust yourself on a deeper level. 


    You can find your human design by visiting

    Self-trust and Confidence 


    Once you know how you operate and the best way to operate, you build a new sense of self-trust and confidence.


    The human design world allows you to understand that everyone around you is operating under a specific design, and in turn allows you to have more compassion. 


    You will trust opportunities because you can trust yourself. 

      About Rachel Varitimos:

      Rachel Varitimos is an empowerment coach and Human Design expert who helps women have the bravery to create their dream life or business.

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