Why Time Management is Important for Success with Emily Frisella

Achieving success in anything requires focus, determination, and hard work. But where most people go wrong is in the time management department. In today’s episode, we have invited Emily Frisella to chat about why time management is important for success.

As a busy entrepreneur and business owner, Emily had to learn to use her time efficiently to balance the many demands in her life. She’s a twice published best-selling cookbook author, founder of The Paper and Plan Company, COO of 44Seven Media & the Arete Syndicate, a coach, and a speaker. You guys will love today’s show, and you’re going to get so many great takeaways. Stay tuned!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • What inspired Emily to start her companies and her passion for planning
  • How to send an effective DM and Relationship first mentality
  • Tools and Methods Emily uses for time management
  • The power of reclaiming your time through time blocking

Emily’s Biggest Key to Success


Relationship and mentality are something that a lot of people seem to almost look over because, in the world of entrepreneurship, we’re so focused on networking, networking, networking, and people associated networking with dollars. They want to quote networks to make a sale instead of build relationships. So relationship first mentality is trying to remind yourself to keep the focus on the person.


Emily hires and fire-based around her core values for her company and if someone doesn’t align with them, they’re not a good fit because the core values are essential in any business. You can’t lead with the sale. You have to lead with you because people want to buy from a person, not necessarily a logo or brand.

Building a Team and Core Values


When Emily had her first business when she was 20, she didn’t do that because she was young, naive, and didn’t know what she was doing. But as she moved forward with her entrepreneur life and all these businesses and stuff, she always lay that out first and foremost because you have to instill it from day one.


People get a little bit uncomfortable when it comes to core values and mission statements. It’s important for Emily that they keep the culture and the integrity they have in their company.

Driven to Success


Emily grew up in an entrepreneurship family. Her dad owned a trucking company and brokerage firm; therefore, she saw entrepreneurship very young.


For Emily, she doesn’t focus if you’re a man or woman. If you’re the best, you’re the best. That’s where the Women in Business came from and it’s just been wildly successful because so many more women want that than the glittery glitz of things. With Paper and Plan Company, that was something that Emily started because of her passion for planning.


It’s finding the holes in the boat of how you can do this but do it better and make it the best on the market.

The Cookbooks


Emily was an athlete all her life through college. It’s something she enjoys being active and the health and fitness space. Everything’s organic, but it’s also by design. She didn’t just decide to call it a cookbook; she started to lay up the whole movement two years before it came out with Snap chat. Snap chat was so popular and Emily was writing her cookbook in the background. She did a thing called snap tutorials every single day for 14 months straight.

Why Time Management is Important


Emily uses a planner and then does a time block. She uses a time queue that you can get on Amazon. It’s a little battery-operated cube, and Emily set it to different times of like 30 minutes or 15 and then flipped it up, and it counts down for you. It’s like a timer, and it keeps her on track with her goals. If you start to be so responsive to every single person, time is not yours.


She uses a time cube where she prioritizes needs, and once every single week on Sundays, Emily takes about 15 minutes and has a path that has priorities listed conditions and wants.


She does go through her planner for that week, use her priorities, and once pad in her list, she transfers those priorities and makes sure that she has the scheduled time for them.


Time management is the number one thing that women struggle with because we try to do it all. It’s not just you being a career woman; whether you work within a business or are a stay-at-home mom, you’re managing all your kids and things in the household. We all have things we have to get done during the day, and you can’t add any more time to it.

Things that Propelled the Success


Emily stopped focusing and had a mindset of scarcity. She switches to an abundance mindset that this is going to happen. It’s just pouring it in her natural way instead of trying to mimic or be someone she’s not. Understand that people want to be treated the way you would like to be treated, and it’s been that way because Emily’s business has been strongly built on referrals and through social media and that’s because of the relationships that she has made since Snapchat days.


When you’re just starting, five years seems like an eternity because you’re putting all this money into your dreams. When you own a business, that’s just part of it; there’s never a time when it gets easier. The problems just become a little bit easier to solve.


You don’t want to be in this alone because entrepreneurship is very hard. You do need that support and someone to lean on when something goes wrong. So you must have someone supportive of you in your corner for days like that.

Was there a decision that you made that you were afraid to make that once you finally made it, it ended up being better than you expected? Or was it awful, and there was a big lesson to be learned?


One thing that Emily was very hesitant about was selling her first business. She was very hesitant to sell that because she was scared that she wasn’t sure what she would do next.


At first, Emily regretted it. Then she ended up working for someone who she met randomly. Emily sold Pampered Chef back in the day, and just because she wanted all the stuff and didn’t want to pay full price for it. She did a cooking show for a woman, and then six or seven months later, she called Emily and they had warranties on stuff with Pampered Chef. She offered Emily a job as she was their accounting and Operations Manager for a design firm.

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