Why Community Matters for Success

There’s a lot of focus on the importance of our mindset in the personal development space, but we also need to make sure we surround ourselves with the right people. We all need a community of like-minded people to help push us forward. In this episode, Christina Lecuyer will talk about the importance of being in a community. She will share her client’s experiences and what they got from taking part in her retreats. She will explain why you should surround yourself with like-minded people and how the right people can help you with your dreams and aspirations. Stay Tuned!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Why a community is essential to success
  • Who you surround yourself with becomes the game changer you need
  • What are traits to look for in high-vibrational individuals
  • How to call in a like-minded community and build relationships

 The Greatest Gift


Christina wants people to understand that community is one of the most incredible things on the planet. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she is willing to find them. This is the reason why Christina thinks that being in a community is significant. She can always go to her community to find the answers, make suggestions, or help someone out.


Christina’s greatest gift is having a fantastic community of people. She used to play professional golf and calls herself a human connection expert on the golf course. Companies used to pay her upwards of $10,000 to almost $12,000 a day to go and play golf with executives and connect them on the golf course.

The Game Changer


When you have one-on-one accountability and an overhead perspective, it’s a game-changer. But you have to have a community of like-minded people.

Connecting Online


Over the last couple of years, many things have gone online. Many of Christina’s closest friends are very much online people. Christina thinks it’s incredible to create emotional, in-depth, and high vibrational connections through the online space.

Take Advantage of the World’s Abundance


There is an unlimited amount of abundance in this world, and your job is to go get it. You can literally make easy money by following experts like Gary Vee and learn how to turn $5 into $100. Every single person has a skill that can be exchanged for money because money is energy. There is something that you can do to earn money, but you have to want it. And that is the one thing that often leads people to non-action, which keeps people trapped.

The Poverty Mindset


Christina overheard a conversation about poverty mindset situations in a salon. The discussion was about buying 12-year-old alcohol, the negative concerns about the father being alcoholic, and many more. The key takeaway is that it is game-changing when you can surround yourself with someone who has not lived that life and is not in that mentality. You don’t have to come from a poverty mindset.

Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded People


The more you are surrounded by high-vibration, abundant people, the more you will realize that you can change your path and succeed in life. The woman in the salon was probably brought up in that situation. She probably grew up in that situation or hung around with people who were in that situation. Or she probably hangs around on the weekend with people who have that mentality. That is why it is crucial for you to find other people who have what you want and are where you want to be or where you want to go.

Community Matters


Community and who you surround yourself with matters. Instead of taking that money to buy alcohol, you can take that $100 and invest to be around people who are pushing themselves to do better. And they’re talking about abundance, goals, holding themselves accountable, working out, going for walks, and aspiring for greatness.


It is essential to share this with someone who doesn’t even know that it is an option to hang out with people and surround yourself with people who dream bigger and think bigger. Share it with them. Share it with someone who doesn’t even understand that it is possible to be abundant and thrive, get to your goals, and achieve the highest possible things that you can imagine.

What’s It Like Being Part of a Community


When you’re a part of a community, no one in that group thinks that there’s no chance that they can achieve anything. And there’s no one in that group that doesn’t believe that there’s a small chance that they can be successful, abundant, and have the life and relationships that everyone has. It’s not only about money. But money buys time, which is the greatest asset on the planet.

The Perks of Being Wealthy


Get wealthy because when you’re wealthy, it buys options. And in the world that we’re living in right now, options are being taken away. When you are rich, your problem doesn’t matter because you can find a way to figure it out. After all, you have the money.

Christina’s Retreats


People come to Christina’s retreats and they walk away changed people. They have breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, and breakdowns. Many people attending the retreats are scared to death and don’t know why they are coming. But what they do know is that they needed to attend and they always walk away with more clarity. The one common thing every single retreat attendee walks away with is a tribe of like-minded, high vibrational, people. Some people make friends that will last a lifetime and others even meet business partners that’ll help them achieve great things.


Each person leaves feeling high, but also tired because it’s an emotional experience for many. Her retreats are not only business by any means. Many people come to get that personal breakthrough to have that next level of abundance in their personal lives or their professional lives. Sometimes it’s a massive business connection, and sometimes, it’s a personal breakthrough that gets you to the next level for your business, relationships, family, or whatever it is.

A Community of High-Vibrational People


You absolutely have to be around people that you want to be like. You have to be around people who show you what is possible, that will hold you accountable, and who are in the same vibration as you.


A community of high-vibrational people is like walking into a room where people are laughing and joyful and excited. With Christina’s retreats, that is what their community looks like. It’s not all fun and games by any means. But it’s a support and a safe space. People there are talking about goals, dreams, ambition, and things they’ve left behind and old stories of where they want to go and what they want to do.

You Have a Choice to Choose your Community


There’s no way that you’re supposed to go through this life without having support. You need community. And if you’re choosing a community that is holding you back, that’s a decision. Decide it’s your turn to get a crew if you want to get to a new level. You keep yourself from moving forward if you keep saying the same thing and telling yourself that you don’t have a choice.

Decide It’s Your Turn


If you want a great, amazing life, you too can decide for it. You can decide it’s your turn. When you’re having a hard time, the community becomes more critical than when you’re having a good time. Sometimes, when you’re thriving, your circle gets smaller. People want you to win. People cheer you on until you get to the top, and then when you get to the top, they want to tear you down.

Figure Out How to Achieve your Goal


Figure out how to invest in getting to the next idea and to the next level. That’s what everyone has to do. For Christina, she can’t be jealous of something. She says that if something is significant in your life, you have to figure out how to get it. You have to have an unwavering belief that you can get it. You want to have support in good times and bad times in business, life, and all of the other things.

See That It Is Possible


When you see that there is abundance and that people don’t have to live an unfavorable life, you can change your life because of that opportunity. It’s not a guarantee, and it’s not a life sentence you can decide. It’s your turn to do something different. It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible. But you have to see that it is possible to decide something different.

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