What To Bring Into The New Year

In this episode, we’re joined by Nathan Salter, a beloved guest and Christina’s husband. They delve into what they plan to bring into the new year; discussing the pleasures of extended weekends, personal resolutions, and the significance of aligning actions with values in 2024. The conversation extends to valuable business insights, covering money mindset, accountability through goal-sharing, and the integration of AI. The episode concludes with a strong emphasis on prioritizing self-care for a more positive and joyful life.

    What To Bring Into The New Year


    Welcome back to the podcast a guest favorite, Nathan Salter, who also happens to be Christina’s husband. 


    Something Christina and her husband have enjoyed over the past year is having extended weekends, many of which include getting away and spending time together.


    The first thing Christina is bringing into the new year is her “sleeping pillow”, used to block out the sleeping noises of her partner. 


    If you’re in a relationship, you will inevitably have to navigate each other’s different moods. Christina and Nathan suggest bringing the ‘Five Things’ walk into the new year as a way to decompress together.


    This is the year of doing things that feel in alignment to you, regardless of what others think. 


    ‘If it feels good, it’s coming into 2024’, a sentiment shared by Christina to encourage you to follow your own path into the new year. 


    Throughout 2024 you can text Christina directly at 501-222-3362 to receive inspiration and suggestions throughout the year to keep you motivated. 

    The Business Side Of Things


    It’s important to work through your money mindset as a new year begins, while things may not look promising to make money, there is always money to be made as long as you’re providing value. 


    When you share your goals with your team, you not only create accountability for yourself, but you create transparency amongst your staff. 


    While we may not know much about AI as it stands, it’s important to implement it in some capacity to improve efficiencies and work more quickly. 


    ‘Talk less, listen more’, is another sentiment Nathan plans to bring into the new year not only as a leader but as a partner. 


    Self-Care as a Top Priority 


    Making self-care your top priority is crucial. Whether, like Christina, you value indulging in a sweet treat every day or prefer engaging in a workout you genuinely enjoy, prioritizing activities that bring you joy in moderation can significantly improve your well-being over time.


    When you are in a state of joy you attract good things to come your way. 

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