What Success Is and How Much is Enough

Oftentimes when we think of success, we automatically equate it to finances. But success is so much more than that. Success can be felt and defined in a multitude of ways, and a lot of those ways are outside of today’s social media depiction. In today’s drop of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Christina shares her thoughts on what success is to her, how to know when you have enough success, and how to find success in your own day-to-day life.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • What “success” is defined as by Christina and when to know you have enough
  • What social media has lead us to believe about success
  • Why you should “look up” more
  • Tuning in to the small still voice within
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others
  • Steps to gain more financial and overall success

What is Success


Christina shares that she may not have an exact answer on what success is, and also wants to deep dive into what is enough when it comes to success?

What is Enough Success


It’s no secret that with the media in the palm of our hand nowadays we constantly see other’s sharing their income goals, extravagant travels, all their purchases etc. It can make many of us feel like there is never enough we can have to attain success.


Christina is the most content she’s ever been in her life, but she still has an intense desire to show up and succeed. So how can these both be possible? A big part of this is what is it that you hang your happiness on?

Success is Beyond Finances


In many cases, success is far beyond financial success. While money can make things feel more at ease, success can be found and felt in a multitude of ways i.e your marriage, health and relationships.


Success is all around us if we take the time to look for it.

Look Up


One thing that brings Christina the most contentment and joy is looking up to the sky. Something so simple, but something that reminds her to find gratitude in where she is at any moment. When you can understand, and find so much joy in those little things you will attract success in other areas of your life.


Through being in nature, and connecting with the small joys in life Christina has had unbelievable thoughts that have in turn brought later financial success because of it. Most people don’t find that all of these things are interconnected, but for Christina they are.

Trust Your Own Voice


You were created for a purpose, and you are destined to fulfill it. But you must listen and create space to listen to God’s small voice within you. Once you have the confidence to trust yourself and that strong still voice, your success will follow.


The key to success is when you build the confidence to build a life that is in alignment for you

The Comparison Game


We only get a small snapshot of everyone’s greatest moments, and rarely the full picture. Christina has found solace in reminding herself not to compare her success to others, because there is so much more to it behind the scenes.


Put on your “blinders” and get hyperfocused on your own life and the things you can control and change.

Gaining More Success in Your Finances


Christina covers her four tips for those wanting to gain more financial and overall success in their lives.

  • Create a routine to take care of yourself
  • Find more gratitude in your everyday
  • Know your core values
  • Build confidence by taking small steps towards new patterns/habits


Self doubt is inevitable, but confidence allows you to move forward through these moments.

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