Weight Loss Mastery Mindset

In this episode, celebrated weight loss coach Hilary Downey sits down to chat with Christina to lead listeners in mastering their mindset for weight loss, with a deeper focus on empowering women to liberate their relationship with food and their bodies. 

    Weight Loss Mindset Mastery


    Introducing Hilary Downey, guiding women to undergo a transformation and liberate themselves from restrictive diets, allowing them to experience well-being not only in their lives but also in their bodies.


    Armed with a psychology background, Hilary is not just dedicated to reshaping our physical well-being; she is also committed to altering our broader mindset regarding food and nutrition.


    While anyone can adhere to a diet, genuine success is rare unless you alter your habits and embrace a sustainable approach.


    By sharing her personal wellness journey, the positive feedback Hilary received inspired her to initiate a side venture, offering other women the tools she utilized to reach their fitness goals.

    Numerous individuals abandon their goals because they are being marketed on online platforms with the notion that transformation comes effortlessly.


    Your most significant asset for gaining traction in your business is sharing your personal story and journey with your audience.


    Show up and document the behind-the-scenes, this not only shows the solutions you provide but also the results.

    Gaining Momentum


    In the era of information, the average woman encounters a constant stream of information and trends daily. However, the key factor in achieving a 90% success rate in weight or fat loss lies in one’s mindset.


    As soon as you release the mindset and thoughts that hinder your progress, the momentum for change begins.


    Adding dynamic changes into your routine will keep you on track and keep you motivated.

    The Gift of Entrepreneurship


    The gift of entrepreneurship is being able to create offerings that fit around your life and don’t take over your life.


    While Hilary initially navigated much of her business independently, she has come to recognize that incorporating other experts into her venture has contributed to creating even more success within her business.

    Hilary has developed programs aimed at assisting women in not only recognizing but also feeling fantastic in their bodies for years to come.

      About Hilary Downey:

      Hilary Downey is a fat loss coach who uses her degrees in Nutrition and Psychology to help women all over the world transform their diet, mind, body, and life. She teaches her proven framework for balanced eating – including ALL foods, including pizza, chocolate, and wine for a sustainable fat loss approach. Through her own 100 pound weight loss journey, she acquired a love for putting herself in challenging positions and thus, became an entrepreneur. She owns Balance by Hilary where she gets to live out her dream of coaching women to success in their own health journeys on her own terms and time. She is most importantly a mom to 2 boys, ages 10 & 8, and loves football, food, and having fun in life.

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