Travel Hacks to Take You Around The World

In this episode you will learn the travel hacks to take you around the world, while also saving money along the way. Today’s guest, Zachary Burr Abel, walks listeners through how to find the best deals when booking your next adventure and how you can use points to leverage epic experiences.

    Finding The Deals


    As his acting career came to a halt after an injury, Zachary found himself falling down a rabbit hole about saving money while you travel and the way points work. 


    On a mission to find the best deals, Zachary not only finds the best travel deals, but he shares them with his audience. (and reading the fine print so you don’t have to


    Many people don’t read into deals because a lot of the verbiage doesn’t make sense. 

    Don’t Wait for Perfect


    Turning your passion into a profit takes time, don’t wait for everything to be perfect in order to start.


    Consistency is the key to your success. Just when you think it’s not working, you showing up will pay off in time. 

    Expand Your Audience


    Niche down to something specific you can teach on, and you will expand your audience and reach. 


    In a time no one was using Tik Tok just yet, Zachary hopped on the platform and started sharing travel hacks. 

    Handling Rejection


    In any passion, it’s important to be able to handle rejection and understand not everyone is going to agree with your journey.


    Through acting, and now his realm as a travel blogger, Zachary has navigated rejection in a way that allows him to continue pushing forward. 

    Traveling The World, on a Budget


    Zachary shares the top 3 travel tips: 

    1. You should have a credit card that allows you to transfer points to partners. This opens up tons of opportunities for travel experiences.
    2. Buy points, whenever possible. Oftentimes buying points will provide a large discount. 
    3. Follow Zachary’s newsletter where he announces deals and sales for travel. 


    Providing valuable information is the number one priority in Zachary’s business model, and he’s continually committed to providing his audience with the most up to date information. 


    Optimize what you’re already spending money on through using your credit card to your advantage. 


    The best credit card for you, is the credit card with the benefits that align with your desires and goals when it comes to traveling. 

      About Zachary Burr Abel:

      If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to learn travel hacks from Jim Carrey…meet Zachary Burr Abel. Zach has amassed over 1.5 million followers across TikTok and Instagram creating short form videos that entertain, inspire, and educate. His tips have landed him features in Travel and Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, and many more.

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