Making a Transformation for a Delicious Life

How is it that when we reach the pinnacle of “success” we can still experience deep dissatisfaction with our lives?

Transformation coach Mandy Demetsky drops into this episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn™ podcast to talk about how to transform your life from dissatisfaction to a delicious life you can’t wait to wake up to each morning.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The signs that a transformation may be taking place in your life
  • Do vs. Be
  • Mandy’s journey to self-love
  • The power of healing “stuck” energy

A Transformational Season


If things in your life just currently don’t feel “right”, it’s likely that you’re experiencing a season of transformation.


Mandy’s number one mission is to help others to make a transformation towards a more delicious life.

Do vs. Be


So much throughout our lives we are focused on “doing” what we think is right rather than just allowing ourselves to “be” who we truly are.


Through the modality of Human Design it allows you more permission to lean into your true identity and your personal power.


Even after checking all the boxes of what your “should” do, i.e go to college, get a high paying job etc, you will never find happiness unless you find it YOUR way.

Risking The Unknown


When deciding to leave a space and a place that is no longer serving you it can feel like jumping into the unknown. But the risk of the unknown is where all of the beauty is waiting for you.


Each of us has our own unique power, and it’s up to us to discover that for ourselves through our own journey.

Healing to a Delicious Life


During Mandy’s early teen and adult years she experienced moments that awoke her self-critic and got in the way of her own love for herself.


When you find yourself in a loop of self-shame, it’s important to remember that you are not your own thoughts. Our thoughts have so much power over us, but it’s important to take that power back into your own hands.


Healing stuck energy ultimately sets you on a path to finally living your most delicious life!


About Mandy Demetsky:

Mandy Demetsky will help you get out of your head, into your heart and in love with your life! She is a natural born guide & coach, and a leader in the field of personal development, fitness, mindfulness and mind/body transformation work.

After over 20 years of feeling uninspired by Corporate America, she took the leap and left her career in sales to follow her lifelong passion for fitness, and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Her love of healing through movement ultimately grew into a love for helping others experience the magic of living in flow through presence, meditation, consciousness, and good old fashioned self-love!

Now as a Life Transformation Coach with a specialization in both Physical and Psychological Fitness, she has helped countless people heal past trauma, reconnect with their power, fall in love with themselves, and create the life they want. She applies her years of experience in a life she didn’t love and ultimately left, to help others leave behind what no longer works and free themselves from fear, stagnancy, old habits, trapped emotions and stuck energy, so they can experience the bliss that comes with living in flow with life.

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