Transform Your Reality: The Power of Affirmations

It’s time to decide to live your best life. How can you achieve this? Start by incorporating the power of affirmations into your daily routine! By consistently repeating affirmations, you can blur the lines between your current reality and your desired future, effectively reprogramming your mind.


Some of Christina’s daily affirmations include:


  • I have the best life ever because I decided it.
  • Everything works out for me.
  • I will always find a way to yes.
  • I do not have money problems.
  • I can always make more money.
  • Everyone I know and love is so healthy and so happy.
  • Clients find me out of nowhere.
  • My life is a true gift.
  • Opportunities find me out of nowhere.


Show Notes for Transform Your Reality: The Power of Affirmations:

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