Passion to Purpose with Trader Joe’s List Natasha

Natasha Fischer, the originator of the viral Trader Joe’s List blog, sits down to chat through taking her passion to building a purposeful and successful brand.

    Unexpected Beginnings


    Natasha shares her journey as a creative who found herself in an accountant role out of college, but quickly turned her passion for Trader Joe’s into a full fledged blog and successful career. 


    Diving head first into a passion project can lead to unexpected beginnings. 


    Oftentimes when we are filling unfulfilled in our present work, we need to give ourselves space to do things we enjoy and hone in on our passions. 

    Be Your Own Boss


    There is no better confidence boost than being your own boss, and being able to have control over your own business. 


    Through becoming an entrepreneur, you build the muscle of self-trust.

    From Passion to Purpose


    Whatever your dream business is, get the ball rolling, and just start! Don’t hold yourself back with perfectionism. 


    You have the power in your hands to create the life you want.


    It’s imperative to get clarity on what you want in life, and use that as your fuel to get started.

    The Hardest Part


    The hardest part of turning your passion project into a successful business, is having to navigate online feedback or lack thereof.


    Being a creative in the online space can be hard when you feel like the work you’re putting out there isn’t getting the response you’d like. 

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