Top 21 Lessons Learned in 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on your life and what you have accomplished. When you spend the time reflecting and becoming more aware of what works and doesn’t work, you’ll begin taking strides towards living the life you are destined to live. From habits that create more joy and abundance to hard lessons learned, join Christina in today’s episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™ to learn from her top lessons learned in 2021 and prepare for the new year. Tune in!

Christina’s Top 21 Lessons Learned in 2021 are:

  1. Health is your biggest blessing.
  2. Family is so important.
  3. Your mindset determines your future.
  4. Everything happens for me and everything works out for us.
  5. 2021 was harder than 2020.
  6. Travel more often and while you can.
  7. Let go of the “how”. Just keep taking action and having faith.
  8. If you want something you will figure it out. There is always a way to “yes”.
  9. My job is hard and that’s okay.
  10. Most people don’t know what they want.
  11. Get outside and go for walks. It’s good for your mental health.
  12. Do more things that bring you joy.
  13. Give people a little more grace than you think you should.
  14. Invest in yourself. If you aren’t your biggest investment you are missing out.
  15. Consistency compounds, don’t skip the little things.
  16. You will get hurt. It’s part of life. Accept it and move on.
  17. Best purchase of 2021 was the Forever Venus de Fleur.
  18. Put human beings ahead of business.
  19. Have integrity, always.
  20. Life is short.
  21. Find a partner who makes you better and brings you joy.

Make Time for Family


Christina shares the first lesson we can take from 2021, and that is; family is important. Our family is an essential part of who we are and while it’s so easy to take our families for granted, we must take time to bond and build lasting relationships with them. Christina also mentions why losing loved ones is a reality we have to face, and therefore, we have to take time to reconnect, bond, and make time with them before it’s too late.

Health is a Great Blessing


Health is one of the biggest blessings we can ever hold. To be truly healthy means we have to learn how to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being altogether. We have to realize that life is more meaningful when we learn how to take care of ourselves.

Find a Good Partner and Nurture Your Relationships Daily


We need to realize that having a great partner in our lives means that we need to focus on nurturing our relationships daily. When we have a partner who encourages, supports and makes us better, we have to give back the same amount of energy. So, we need to find a partner who brings joy to everything we do. This way, we’ll have a happier mindset.

Know Your Priorities


Learn how to capitalize your time on your priorities. While it’s easy to express our priorities, we sometimes forget to commit to them every day. So having a good understanding of our focus in life will help us know what truly resonates with us. Find congruency between what you want to do and what you are doing.

Put It Out in the Universe


If you want to do something, put it out into the universe, and tell people that you’re going to do it. So, then you feel accountable for actually doing it, and accountability is everything.

Everything Works Out for Us


Many people are hesitant to take action for fear of failure, but when we develop a mindset shift that yields towards abundance and optimism, then everything becomes easier and more fun. So, we must learn how to tell ourselves that everything will work out for us, and all we have to do is release the worry and embrace the present moment no matter how hard it seems.

2021 was Harder than 2020


Being constantly on a level 9 intensity when it comes to working, Christina finds herself tired and restless. It can get tiring to commit to the same energy. 2021 was a lot harder than 2020 for Christina because it felt like there were moments of brief tiredness and imbalance. The lesson there is, we must take time to take care of ourselves even when there’s so much on our plates.

Christina has a Pretty Hard Job


Christina shares that her job is unlike any other. She spends a lot of time dealing with all her clients’ thoughts and spaces, and it can be draining and challenging at times. However, she says she loves what she does, and that’s what truly matters. Loving what you do and making your clients get the success they want is an achievement that will truly satisfy you personally.

Decide to Walk a lot in 2022


Walking will be a game-changer as it helps us feel better, and it’s good for our mental health. So, commit to walking daily and have a certain time for walking, whether in the morning or at night.

Travel Twice as Much as 2020


Christina shares that she regrets not traveling twice as much as she did in 2020. She says that traveling gives us a fresh perspective, and it’s healthy for our well-being.

Learn to Love Another Human Being No Matter Where They’re At


Christina finds herself enthralled in the idea that despite dealing with clients and people that come from opposites of the spectrum, she still learned to love each one of them. She then exclaims that for us to love another person, it is to accept them and truly help them achieve the abundance they dream of.

Let Go of the How


“Letting go of the how” can be quite scary because you have no control of what happens next. Yet, “letting go of the how” is what you have to do because worrying about things beyond our control will only drain us. Instead, have faith and keep going even when it seems like the result you want seems so elusive.

There is Always a Way to Yes


Christina has developed a mindset of abundance and optimism. She shares that when we learn how to focus on a yes, we will eventually figure it out. This is a game-changer because it happens when you tell yourself that you can figure it out away. So, if you want something wrong enough, find your way to a Yes. She shares that the most successful people in the world will always figure out a way to Yes.

Do More Things that Bring You Joy


Life is too short for doing things you don’t like. So always choose to do something that brings you joy because the more fun you’re in, the more in alignment you’re in, you will attract more to your life. How can you add more things that bring you joy today so that you won’t regret anything in the end?

Give People a Little More Grace


Not everyone is in the same situation, headspace, and roles you’re in. So, we must learn how to give people the grace they need because at the end of the day, we all have our problems to deal with, and it’s on how we show grace that we become a bit more human and compassionate towards others.

Invest in Yourself More


You are the best investment you could ever make. So, you should invest more time, energy, and money into developing yourself so you can get to a higher platform than you were at before. Investing in yourself more than you do now will become your greatest asset.



Integrity. If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing, and there are so many people in the online space and the world who do not have integrity. For Christina, integrity is really important as it is part of her core values since it affects everything else.

Life is Really Short


Life is really short. There are way too many people that don’t understand that they’re going to die. Hopefully, it’s not today. Hopefully, it’s not tomorrow, but life is concise. So do the things that bring you joy, invest in yourself. And buy the fake flowers even when they’re expensive.

You’re Going to Get Hurt


Everyone will get hurt at some point in their lives, and it’s totally fine. Even when the experience is unpleasant, one must learn to live with the hurt instead of preventing ourselves from getting hurt. Christina suggests that our highs can be attained if we open up ourselves to abundance even when we know we may get hurt in the process. She chooses to feel joy and love, and she is willing to get hurt to experience the highest of joys.

Consistency Compounds


Another lesson that Christina mentions is consistency. She says that consistency compounds reliability. Therefore, we must be consistent even with the little things. Christina says we need to do something consistently for a long time and watch it compound. When we know how to be consistent in doing little things, this adds up and gives us joy.

Human Beings are Above Everything Else


We need to learn how to put human beings above everything else, especially in this online space. It’s so easy to get sucked in, and you’re thinking you’re doing things wrong and be sad that things are not working your way. But it’s also our opportunity to be human beings and learn how to do things that most people in this world do. No one’s perfect, and even when we feel like we are failing at something, it does not mean that we are a total crash. Christina suggests that if we want something greater in this world, sometimes our best path is to do things that most people do.

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