Building Confidence:

5 Tips from Confident People

Learning how to become a more confident person can be a challenge, particularly in this world. However, it is essential to remember that confidence is built and earned, not something that most people are simply born with.

Extremely confident and successful people aren’t naturally better at earning confidence — they have trained their minds to grow confidence by the way they think and how they live. This is the ultimate secret when it comes to how to be more confident: It’s not nature. You earn it.

Thankfully, many individuals have been there before you, and they are here to offer tips from confident people. We’ve had plenty of confident people on the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, and they have given ample quotes for a confident person to live by. If you are wondering, “What is a quote for confidence?” you have come to the right place.

In past interviews, Christina asked her guests for their thoughts on confidence, how to be more confident, and how individuals can learn to grow their own confidence. Here are 5 tips from confident people.

Tip #1 – Go All In

You know that expression, “Fake it till you make it?” Well, as Sarah Faith says, “You can’t keep your feet in 2 ponds at one time, you will drown. Go all in and have no plan B.” You have to take a chance and live your life like there is no tomorrow. Related is Vegas Dave’s thoughts: “People play life on the defensive side, I play life on the offensive side. Most people’s worst nightmare is to lose their job, my biggest nightmare is to get a job. There’s a big difference between financial freedom and job security.”

Quite simply, you have to burn the boats down. It is only by doing so that you can push yourself to reach the limits that you need to reach when there is no safety net.

Finally, remember the words of Doc Jen Fit: “Taking a leap of faith and listening to myself and step into what was scary has been the biggest gift in seeing what is possible and the opportunities that it has allowed by giving myself the permission to step in inspite of fear and unknown.”

Tips from confident people tend to revolve around the fundamental idea that you have to go all in and risk everything. You have to succeed or fail so you can gain confidence in yourself and your ability to do hard things.


Tip #2 – Let the Circumstances Fuel You

As Jamey Johnson said, “If quitting isn’t an option everything else is.” It’s such a simple phrase, but it’s powerful! The truth is that this line of thinking can apply to almost any circumstance you find yourself in. If you can’t quit — if doing so simply isn’t an option — then everything else is possible.

In those moments where you are concerned about the future, remind yourself that there is no quitting. Since there is no quitting, there is only the day ahead. How can you use these moments to fuel you further? Remember, in the words of Justin Poynter, “When the greatest are not motivated, they still do. Becoming great requires this.”

Your circumstances and how you choose to handle them can teach you how to be a more confident person.


Tip #3 – It Will Not Be Pretty or Easy

Growing isn’t easy, quick, or seamless. Your growth and success won’t be linear. You will encounter setbacks and will inevitably struggle, but you have to keep moving forward despite those things. Betsy Guerra said it best: “Pain is never the destination. It’s only a part of the journey. Pain is to fertilize you and make you stronger and it brings you hope. Only way around pain is through so you must feel it and know that it’s making you stronger.”

Pain cannot be avoided. It cannot be negotiated with or managed. It simply exists. And if you start from a perspective of accepting that there will be pain and difficulty, anything is possible. Before starting on your confidence journey, work journey, or personal journey, remember that pain cannot and will not be avoided. The only way out is through.

Furthermore, don’t let the easy things get you down. As Omar Elattar said, “Every little thing that will stop you is the little easy thing that you just aren’t doing because you are emotionally burdening yourself with the assumption that it is way more complex than it is.”


Tip #4 – Confidence Means Saying No

One of the polar opposites of a confident person is a people-pleaser. These people say yes, even if it’s not good for them or knocks them off of their journey. As Lisa Fischer said, “There is no room for anything or anyone that drains me. Iron sharpens iron. Life is too short.” Cat Golden also said, ”I choose to go towards things that light me up, why would you choose to stay in things that are truly sucking the life out of you. It doesn’t make sense. Choose things that make you feel alive “.

Part of your journey to becoming a more confident person needs to know what you want and what you don’t want. According to Jordan Lee Dooley, “If you want to know what you want, also think about the things that you don’t want. Sometimes removing the wrong things allows you to get closer to the right thing.” Remember this advice on your journey

Tip #5 – Tie Yourself to Something Bigger

As Lt. Col. Dan Rooney said, “You have been given time and talents what are you choosing to do with it that is leaving a positive impact on others around you and the world. It’s you vs you everyday.”

Your time and talents are your gifts. You can make a choice: Leave a bigger impact on the world than when you entered it. However, that requires believing not only in yourself but in your larger mission. What do you do – and how can you make sure that you tie yourself to something bigger than who you are today?

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