6 Tips for Never Giving Up


Episode 39 – 6 Tips for Never Giving Up:

Do you know what separates successful individuals in life from the rest? They learned how to never give up! No matter how many times they’ve failed, they always find a way to keep moving forward. In this episode, I’m going to give you 6 tips that I use in my own life and that I teach my clients so they master the mindset of never giving up.

Most of us were told very early in life that it’s okay to give up on something we don’t love. If you tried a sport and didn’t love it, you could quit and move onto the next thing. That mentality is okay when you are in the phase of exploration, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to get out of doing hard things. We’ve all heard the mantra “most things in life that are worth pursuing, are hard” so, let’s get our mind right and set ourselves up for success with these 6 tips:

Tip #1 – Take Giving Up or Quitting Off the Table

A good friend of mine, Jamey Johnson, said something that stuck with me – “when you take the option to quit off the table, everything else becomes an option.” I think this statement is so true. If you won’t even accept the notion that you should quit, you’ll start exploring more possibilities. Heck, maybe you’ll even discover that you should just pivot. There’s a big difference between acknowledging that you need something different and pivoting versus just giving up entirely!

Tip #2 – Know Your “Why”

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Most often, you’re pursuing a passion, project, or goal with the intent to make a massive change and/or lasting impact on those around you. Make a list of all the reasons WHY you want to succeed. When you feel like giving up, you can revisit that list to remind yourself why what you’re doing is so important to you or others!

Tip #3 – Visualize Your Desired Results

You’ve probably heard of pro athletes visualizing their winning game, right? There’s a reason so many people practice visualizing what they want in life. It’s because it works! Your mind is a magnificent tool, but it needs to be trained to help with your success. If you suffer from wanting to give up regularly, you might benefit from adding a reminder to your daily routine to reinforce perseverance. There are many ways you can add a reminder to your daily life, but a few of my favorites are to write a quote on a piece of paper and carry it with you or update your phone screen saver with an inspirational message that helps inspire you to keep moving forward.

Tip #4 – Learn From Others

If you want to do something and you’re having a hard time finding the right path forward, chances are it’s already been done by someone else. The internet is full of free resources. Seek out the knowledge you’re lacking, but be mindful that not everything you find on the internet is true for you or your situation! Learning from other people’s successes and mistakes will allow you to overcome the hard things so you won’t feel like giving up.

Tip #5 – Hire a Coach or Find a Mentor

Find a coach or mentor that has accomplished what you’re trying to achieve. Not only will a coach or mentor help guide you through the difficulties on your journey, but they’ll also push you when you’re ready to give up! In fact, hiring a coach or mentor might fast pass your success because you’ll have their experiences to pull from when making decisions which will inevitably shortcut your own struggles and hardships.

Tip #6 – Keep Pushing Forward

Last but not least, you have to keep making decisions. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision! Either way, you’re taking action and will  learn from the decision you made so that you can keep moving forward. If you choose not to make a decision because you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re choosing to stay stuck and not act. When you want to give up and quit, I urge you to keep taking consistent action toward the achievement of your goal.


Achieving success isn’t easy. There will be times where you want to give up, but these 6 tips should help you overcome any roadblocks that get in your way. I can tell you I’ve wanted to quit 1000% times, but my never give up mentality has been extremely helpful in creating the success I have today. Once you realize you can do hard things, you’ll gain so much confidence.  It’s your turn to master these tips for never giving up so you can do great things in life!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • You’re not alone! Many people feel like giving up.
  • How to master your mindset so you can keep moving forward
  • Hard things take perseverance to achieve
  • Actionable tips for never giving up

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