There’s No Shortcut to Success with Tiffany Carter

Achieving success in your life or business takes time, effort, dedication, and consistency over an extended period of time. There’s no shortcut to success. Don’t be fooled by the people that try to sell you on their magic formula that’ll help you gain more clients, sell more products, or grow faster. There’s no guarantee that what worked for them will work for you. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Tiffany Carter joins Christina to discuss how success in life and business can really be found.

Spoiler alert: we won’t be talking about quick fixes or shortcuts that’ll speed up your success. We’ll be talking about the grit necessary to get the job done. As well as provide some helpful tips that you can use to put yourself in the optimal position to reach your goals. Stay tuned!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Why you should put yourself out there
  • How to monetarily invest in community, and why it’s important
  • Who you surround yourself with matters
  • About Tiffany’s journey from Broadcaster to Entrepreneur
  • How to find more balance

Flying in First Class


Tiffany only flies in business class because of the mentality of the people in business or first class. It pays to be surrounded by people who also believe they deserve to be in it or savvy enough to work the point system.


People that are in first-class or in certain clubs think a certain way. Being around those people can elevate the way you think about making money.


Being around very successful people from a very young age has dramatically changed Tiffany. She got amazing connections in her life and got to know people that helped her along the way.



Confidence is the number one key. If you do not have the confidence to step into whatever you’re going to do, you will struggle. You could have the most beautiful website or have the best thing in the world to talk about on the podcast, but if you don’t have the confidence to show up every single day, you will have nothing.

Showing up Consistently


If you are not showing up every day consistently and you’re not willing to do the hard things, you will have very short-term success.

Why People Quit


People will buy these things, whether it’s courses or even a mastermind. Then they are so upset that in 2 weeks, 30 days, or 3 months that they aren’t making more money. Then they think the program was flawed and over-promised, or they think that the problem is within them. They doubt themselves and then quit on their dreams.

The Truth about Getting Rich Quick


There is a reason why the “get rich quick” works. It works because it appeals to our egos. It appeals to us wanting the path of least resistance. Ask yourself, did you think joining a mastermind and paying a certain amount of money would miraculously give you a bunch of followers and make you business boom? Did you buy into something that sounded too good to be true? There’s no shortcut to success. It’s common to want to believe there is an easier, faster, less painful, less tedious path to success, but it simply doesn’t exist. There’s no easy way to get rich quick.

Doing the Hard Things


You’re not going to get where you want to go by having one magical program or even one magical coach. Your hard work will accumulate day after day. That doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself into the ground or be miserable doing it. There’s a lot of “unsexy” stuff that’s involved in growing a successful life or business. But most people out there, especially online, are selling you the “sexy” solution because it convinces you to buy.

Making Things Easier


No one cares about your business as much as you. So it’s up to you to get the people necessary to your business to make the job easier. But you have to figure out the costs.


Being willing to invest, it’s not just for the expertise. You’re sometimes paying for your sanity. You’re paying to free up your energy and your time. That is how you make things easier. It’s not a shortcut, but it’s something that can help.

The Most Valuable Asset


Time is the most valuable asset on the planet. We all think that it’s money, but money buys the time that you’re having at the beach right now. There’s no amount of money that anyone could offer you for the time that you could have spent with your family and enjoyed your life.

You are Never Too Late


If you ever think that some person is much further ahead or is much more successful than you, don’t think you are starting late. It’s just not the right time. You have to pace it with what works for you, your life, and your lifestyle.

Behind the Scenes


Some people are straight-up lying to you. Just like in any position in life, some people are lying straight up, and others are just showing you the pretty parts. Other people are creatively leaving things out because it’s not sexy or interesting. Know that your business would be valued three times higher if you only show the most interesting stuff, but that wouldn’t be a fair assessment. Evaluate yourself and see if you can put in the effort to do the hard work.



If you do not have regular monthly meltdowns, you’re not putting yourself out there as much. You are playing it safe or you just aren’t really doing what you want to do. You don’t care enough because when you care and want something, the emotional charge is so high that you are greatly concerned if you’re not having meltdowns.

Quitting is NOT an Option


If quitting is not an option, then everything else is. You will always find a way to say yes when you have that mentality. Understanding there’s no shortcut to success will help you push harder and no give up so easily.

Slow Down


There’s a reason you are being reminded that you are not in control. Maybe you should slow down because you are stubborn. If you keep going like that, something will eventually get your attention.

About Tiffany Carter:

Tiffany Carter is not your typical multi-millionaire entrepreneur, in fact, the odds were so stacked against her, the last thing she thought she could be was a highly successful business owner.

Tiffany is a PTSD trauma survivor, experiencing severe abuse for most of her childhood and young adult life. As painful as this was, it gave her the gift of resilience and determination to help millions of people learn how to honor themselves first, and create a life of freedom.

As a Top Business Coach, Empowerment Speaker, and popular Podcaster, Tiffany uses her magnetic, zero-fluff direct teaching style to get tens of thousands of clients life-transforming results.

Tiffany focuses on breaking down her tangible step-by-step profitable business techniques to generate consistent cash and clients online, while she simultaneously shows you how to transform your mindset from a broke mentality to an abundance mentality.

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