The Value of Friendship

When you can show up as yourself, authentically and openly, that’s when you’ve found the value of friendship. In today’s episode, Candice Carricarte joins Christina to talk about how to build, maintain and find friendships for a lifetime.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The value of friendships and building connections 
  • How to cultivate vulnerability
  • Where to create aligned friendships

The Online Friendship


In today’s world, we not only meet new people in-person, but now we connect with many more nowadays online. Something that used to be taboo is now the main source of making new connections!


Joining communities and programs sourced online is a great way to meet like-minded people and to spark new friendships!

The Importance of Evolving


When you reflect back on friendships you’ve had for a long length of time, you can often find that these individuals have a set perception of you from when you first met. This can potentially be difficult when you’re trying to make changes in your life, and these relationships remind you of how you “used” to be.


You will learn in the value of friendship, it’s important that as you evolve so do your relationships.

Risking It for The Joy


Online it’s easy to think that we “know” other’s really well, but there is another layer of diving deeper behind the screen of social media to get to know someone and their true authentic self.


After losing a close friend of her’s, Christina found a period of time where she felt very closed off to making new friends. But through time and vulnerability, she realized opening up brought in so much more joy to her life.


You have to risk getting “hurt” so that you can experience great love and connection.

Connection Starts with You


If you’re finding it hard to find the value of friendships, oftentimes there is something deeper going on in your life that needs to be addressed or healed.


When you have self-love, it allows you to love other’s on a deeper level.


Creating healthy communication in friendships will only nurture your relationship in the longrun. This means creating clear boundaries of what is and what is not okay.

Building Strong Female Friendships


Growing up in a military family, Candice found herself moving around a lot as a child. This aspect of her life forced her to put herself out there and cultivate relationships. And how to nurture those relationships when distance becomes a factor.


When you connect with other women in like-minded groups and programs you increase your odds of making incredible lifelong friends.

About Candice Carricarte:

Candice is the co-founder of women’s wellness brand, Prescription Wellness (PW). An experienced healthcare tech entrepreneur, she built and sold an electronic medical record company in Miami, FL. Her work with PW brings together her lifelong personal passion for wellness (she was first certified as a personal trainer 22 years ago) and her enthusiasm for helping women achieve their goals with sustainable change. She’s a certified Neuroscience of Wellness practitioner and is currently in training to practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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