The Truth Behind Business

In this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn® podcast, Christina unveils the most common struggles she sees clients go through, and the real truth behind what it’s like to run a successful business.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn® episode, you will learn:

  • Common struggles clients face
  • The truth behind business
  • A secret weapon for growth in your business
  • The biggest mistake in business

The Truth Behind Business


Even when life is hard, you get to decide your perspective and mindset. 


It is easy to get off track with your goals or become discouraged when you find yourself in a spiral of comparison on social media. 


The truth behind business is, no one is lit up about their business every single day, 24/7. Some days are wonderful, but there are also a handful of really tough days. 

Commit to Decision 


Success often comes down to one factor: decision. It’s making the decision to either continue to push through or the decision to give up. 


As Christina reflects on her biggest strengths as a coach, she shares two truths: she has committed to the decision to never give up, and she also will never buy into the b.s. In the online space. 


There is no one way to do something in business, and no one person has everything figured out.

Stay In Your Lane


Another common theme Christina witnesses amongst her clients is the feeling that others are way ahead of them. 


In entrepreneurship, it may feel like you aren’t doing enough in comparison to others around you. But the truth is, as long as you’re staying in your own lane everything is going to work out. 


Having a coach to keep you accountable is a powerful tool to keep momentum going in your business and life. 


You never know the greatness that awaits if you don’t keep moving forward.

The Secret Weapon


The secret weapon to your business is having standard operating procedures to keep you and your team organized, and moving efficiently.


When your every day is streamlined with SOPs, you speed up your impact and growth. 

The Biggest Mistake


One of the biggest mistakes often made in business is when people look for the money instead of honing in on their passions.


It is much easier to make money when you’re actually passionate about what you do. 


Start with passion first, because when times get difficult it will be your passion that gets you through. 

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