The Transformative Power of Coaching

In this episode, Christina is joined by her friend and fellow coach Kate Wilkinson. Kate is on a mission to help clients find balance and achieve six-figure success along the way. Explore the power of coaching and discover how it helps guide you toward your most authentic self.

    Meet Kate Wilkinson


    Meet Kate Wilkinson, a business and marketing coach, supporting clients to discover equilibrium and achieve a six-figure income in their businesses. 


    Having previously worked in a corporate marketing agency for years, Kate decided it was time to leave and repair the feelings of burnout she was experiencing. She was eager to reconnect with herself and bring that connection into both her work and personal life.

    The Power of Coaching


    The power of coaching is having a guide to help you get clear on what you actually want in life and in business. 


    When discovering our life’s desires, it might seem like there’s a right and wrong path, but a coach shows you the only way: the one that aligns with your true self.


    The transformative power of coaching is that it equips you with the tools and support to build your dreams. 


    Doing What You Love


    People need to hear that they can do things their own way and still find great success. 


    When you begin doing what you love, with the support of powerful coaching, so much in life and business will open up for you. 

    Like-Minded Individuals


    Connecting with like-minded individuals will not only keep you on the path towards transformation but it will help to keep you focused on your goals. 


    A coach keeps you accountable and gives you actionable tools to achieve your goals, while a like-minded community gives you space to relate and gain even more insight beyond yourself. 

      About Kate Wilkinson:

      Kate is deeply rooted in supporting others to expand, as she firmly believes in the boundless potential within every individual, their life, and their wealth when they commit wholeheartedly.

      Through her distinctive framework, known as Mindset, Strategy & Expansion™, she specializes in assisting service-based business owners in establishing intentional, profitable, and balance-centered enterprises that consistently reach six and multi-six-figure levels.


      Show Notes for The Transformative Power of Coaching:

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