The Top Lessons Learned in 2023

In this podcast episode, Christina shares her most valuable lessons learned in 2023. She emphasizes trusting oneself, turning passion into income, and cherishing relationships. 

    The Top Lessons Learned in 2023


    Christina’s top lessons learned in 2023:

    #1. Trust yourself, and trust your gut.
    #2. If you love doing something, you can always figure out a way to make money doing it
    #3. I will never regret time with people I care about
    #4. Money does not make you happy, money simply gives you choices
    #5. Relationships are a must
    #6. Expect unexpected lessons
    #7. Don’t wait to live life
    #8. The tiniest shifts can make the biggest difference


    In 2023 Christina retired her group coaching programs. This was a huge practice in trusting herself and moving forward with what she truly loves.


    Sometimes your revenue is going to take a hit when you pivot in a new direction.

    Most people think they will reach a point in life where they no longer need support, but this is simply not the case.


    Throughout each year, relationships undergo shifts and changes, yet the ability to sustain connections remains one of life’s most valuable assets.


    The capacity to connect with individuals globally through technology is a profound blessing that we often fail to appreciate sufficiently.


    Show Notes for The Top Lessons Learned in 2023:

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