The Top 3 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Sales

Ready to drastically improve your sales? Join Christina in this episode as she sits down with Jillian Murphy, a two-time cancer survivor and seasoned sales expert, who navigates through the nuanced world of decisions, authenticity, and the top three tips to improve your sales today.

    Making a Decision


    Jillian brings two decades of corporate sales experience into the digital arena, having pivoted to the online space after job loss during the pandemic. She now assists online business owners in selling their services to their ideal clients.


    Making a decision is the easy part, following through with the decision is where the hard work comes into play.


    Communicating with your community when you make a decision allows you and them to hold you accountable. 

    Be Her Now


    Embrace the life you desire to live each day, even if your current situation is not yet where you’d like it to be.


    Jillian, a two-time cancer survivor, radiates daily optimism, embodying her mantra, “Be Her Now.” This phrase symbolizes her belief in not waiting for the future to become who you aspire to be but embracing and acting on those aspirations in the present.


    You have to trust that you’re making the right decision for yourself, and all the details will work themselves out.


    A part of your unique power is stepping into the areas of life you know you’re good at and can provide value to others. 

    Top 3 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Sales


    During product launches, remember that a lack of investment from some audience members reflects their circumstances, not your value. Keep a resilient and forward-focused mindset.


    The top three ways to improve your sales:

    #1. Clarify Your Marketing: Ensure your marketing clearly communicates what you do. Be bold in both messaging and strategy.


    #2. Patience with Content: Allow ample time to determine if content resonates with your audience before making changes.


    #3. Prioritize Follow-Up: Consistent follow-up is crucial to converting and retaining lasting clients.


    The essence of sales largely revolves around forging genuine relationships and sustaining them through a robust and steady communication cadence.


    Overall, you can improve your sales by continuing to reiterate how you can solve people’s problem.

      About Jillian Murphy:

      Jillian Murphy harbors a profound obsession with two pivotal elements: SALES and COMMUNITY!

      Boasting over 22 years of business experience in sales and marketing, along with growing multiple personal businesses, [he/she/they] has embarked on a mission to assist online business owners, just like YOU, in attaining tangible results through adept sales and messaging.

      For Jillian, sales is not just a function – it’s the very oxygen that sustains your business and is paramount among the skills any business owner can cultivate. That’s why [he/she/they] is here, equipped to support you with all the tips, trainings, and coaching needed to make you fall in love with sales!


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