Starting The Sex Conversation with Dr. Emily Jamea

In a society where discussions about sex are often considered taboo, Dr. Emily Jamea is here to shed light on the importance of individuality in sexual exploration and how to initiate the vital “sex conversation” with both partners and professionals. Whether it’s understanding your desires, maintaining connection after parenthood, or ensuring hormonal balance with your doctor, this episode is a masterclass in fostering a healthy sexual relationship.

    The Sex Therapist


    Growing up with an OBGYN as a father, Emily Jamea naturally had an open environment that fostered candid discussions. This background undoubtedly paved the way for her to become a distinguished sex doctor, therapist and author.


    For many, speaking about sex is still very taboo in society, but many could benefit from a sex therapist.


    It’s up to each distinct couple to determine what a “normal” sex life is to them. 

    Narrowing The Gap


    There are so many elements and individual desires as it pertains to one’s sex life. It’s important to understand that everyone has very specific nuances to connection and sex. 


    When you add in the element of having children, research has shown that partner connection goes down up to 75% after having a child together. 


    One way to narrow the gap in satisfaction is to have a constant practice with oneself; diving into your individual interests and hobbies and not losing yourself to the caretaking of another. 


    Your individuality and sexuality are intrinsically interconnected. 

    Starting The Sex Conversation


    Many think talking with their partner or their therapist about their sex life will be awkward, but once you get over it and lean in, it will become less awkward.


    It’s in everyone’s best interest to speak up about your wants and desires, and ultimately it results in a healthier sex life. 


    It’s vital to have conversations about sex with your doctor to ensure your hormones are level, and also to receive any additional supplements that you may find helpful. 

      About Dr. Emily Jamea:

      Dr. Emily Jamea is a Certified Sex Therapist who has over fifteen years of experience working as a sex and relationship therapist. Her expertise has been featured in Oprah Magazine, CNN, USA Today, NBC, CBS, Men’s Fitness, SELF, Women’s Health, and more.


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