The Sacrifices In Success

In this episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast, Christina is joined by Clinton Anderson for part two of their conversation as they reflect on the sacrifices in success and the important lessons learned in the road to get there.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The sacrifices in success 
  • Reminding yourself to be in the moment
  • One of the most important lessons learned in business

Sacrifice In Success


With success you will find that there is no true balance. You will have to sacrifice other areas of your life, such as relationships.


Clinton didn’t consider himself the very best in his expertise, but he was dedicated to outworking everyone in his industry. 


If you want to be at the top of your industry, you have to be willing to be consumed by the work and remind yourself of your why. 


You have to also be willing to say no to things that will not benefit you and where you’re at on your journey. 


Experiences Of Life 


As Clinton reflects on his career, he realized that he missed the experiences of life when he found himself not staying in the moment. 


It’s important to slow down and remind yourself to be in the moment when the world around you is moving so fast. 


If your goal is to become successful, it’s inevitable that you will encounter people who will discourage you. 


Lessons Learned


No results are made until you take a leap of faith and go after what you want. 


One of the most important lessons learned in business is to be involved in your business and know where your money is being made and being spent. 


No one will care about your business to the degree you do. 

About Clinton Anderson:

Clinton Anderson was born and raised in Australia, where at the age of six his family recognized a natural ability with horses and cultivated his interest, buying him his first horse at age nine. Whe he was fifteen, he apprenticed with nationally acclaimed horse trainers Gordon McKinlay and, later, Ian Francis. During this time he started and trained over 600 horses, and three years later, he used his knowledge and expertise to start his own horse training facility.

In 1996, Clinton came to the United States and worked with Al Dunning, winner of multiple American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) world championships, and five years later, he became the first horse trainer to launch a “made-for-TV” weekly training program. Anderson won the prestigious El Camino del Caballo (“The Road to the Horse”) colt-starting competition in 2003 and 2005, and currently travels extensively, conducting clinics and speaking throughout North America.

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