The ROI on Hiring A Coach

Christina reflects on her three-year journey with her trusted business coach, recounting the evolution, insights gained, and the tangible ROI of integrating a coach into one’s personal and professional life.

    A Coach’s Responsibility


    Christina revisits notes from three years of coaching sessions with her personal business coach. 


    Although a coach provides guidance to help you achieve your goals, it’s not their responsibility to complete the work on your behalf.


    A coach’s job is to help you get clarity and work through any mindset blocks you have in order to achieve your ultimate goal. 

    The ROI on Hiring A Coach


    A pivotal insight Christina received from her coach was guidance on how to trust her own judgment and decisions in both life and business.



    The return on investment in hiring a coach is having a support system to not only keep you accountable but also to help you enjoy the process. 



    A coach being active in your life and business helps you to spring into action on your ideas and desires. They keep you accountable to actually take action and not just talk about it. 



    It’s not all business, a coach can help you navigate other personal life obstacles as well. 



    When you invest in a coach you’re ultimately investing in yourself. 


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