The Power of Understanding Your Audience

In this insightful episode, delve into the powerful core principles of understanding your audience and navigating entrepreneurship with Ashtan Moore. 

    Understanding Your Audience


    What’s the primary goal one wishes to achieve in this world? Ashtan’s vision is to empower individuals to create anything they desire within it.


    All marketing is, is finding out what an audience wants and effectively conveying how a product or service can address their needs or solve their problems.


    For powerful marketing to work, one must be able to concisely describe their audience and who they wish to appeal to.


    As a lifelong creative, Ashtan found his passion in digital art. Through experimentation, he rapidly honed not just his technical abilities but also his fondness for storytelling through a creative perspective.

    The Negative Impacts Of Business


    Negative impacts within the business sphere often stem from overlooked or neglected factors, rather than intentional actions. These can encompass aspects such as assessing the environmental impact of products, monitoring employee well-being, and managing the costs of goods.


    It’s pivotal to pay attention to all elements and individuals in business, especially as you are going through seasons of growth.


    It takes a collective to ensure companies and corporations are not taking advantage of their consumers as well as their employees.

    Navigating Entrepreneurship


    Succeeding in entrepreneurship necessitates recognizing that you’re not alone and that there are others in your industry from whom you can learn.


    As a business owner, envision yourself as a board advisor with comprehensive oversight of every facet of the business, ensuring a thorough understanding of all its elements.


    Ashtan reveals his top marketing strategy: Prioritize understanding people’s needs by asking them first before anything else. This approach guarantees the creation of a highly successful company.


    Before you invest your time and money into an idea, ensure it’s actually something that your audience wants.


    If someone thinks marketing doesn’t work in business, they may not know who their talking to or the solution their trying to solve.


    Powerful leadership lies in helping other people get what they want.

      About Ashtan Moore:

      Ashtan Moore, a passionate advocate for growth, especially yours, started from humble beginnings as a homeschooled Virginia transplant. He has risen to become an internationally recognized entrepreneur, investor, and growth advisor. As a co-founder and partner at Model B, an AI-powered performance growth agency, he assists companies in fostering strong connections with their customers to drive growth.

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