The Permission You Do Not Need

In this episode, Christina explores the concept of finally allowing yourself permission to pursue a more fulfilling and aligned life. She highlights how societal expectations and well-intentioned individuals may discourage taking risks, emphasizing that true transformation requires embracing positive change.

    Moving Toward Positive Change


    Today Christina is encouraging you to pay attention to the permission you do not need to live a more aligned life that you love. 


    Oftentimes the people in our lives, while they may have good intentions, would prefer us to stay safe in life and not take big risks. 


    Change can make us and others uncomfortable, but true transformation doesn’t happen until we make moves toward positive change. 

    The Permission You Do Not Need


    Sometimes it takes an external perspective that we respect and value to give us “permission” that we don’t actually need but need to hear in order to fulfill our dreams. 


    You do not need permission to take care of yourself and say no to the things that don’t light you up. 


    If you grew up in a space where you didn’t want to rock the boat with communicating what you wanted or needed, you may need the help of a coach to help you reprogram your mindset. 

    Make Waves


    To honor yourself and use your voice you will have to “make waves” and attempt not to focus on how others may feel about your decisions. 


    You have permission to start again and finally create a life that not only fulfills you but makes you excited to wake up every day. 


    Feel empowered to alter any aspect of your life, be it your career path, your place of residence, or the established patterns within your family. You are granted the freedom to make changes as you see fit.

    Show Notes for The Permission You Do Not Need:

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