The Journey to Healing: Navigating the Holistic Approach to Wellness

Join Christina in a conversation with Pamela Wirth, mother, author, and creator of Hello Health, as they explore Pamela’s journey of navigating holistic wellness to heal her son. Through determination and relentless research, Pamela shares the remarkable progress her son achieved and how it inspired her to empower others on similar paths toward healing.

    Discovery and Diagnosis


    Meet mother, author and hellohealth creator Pamela Wirth. In today’s episode, she shares her experience navigating her son’s health issues, from mysterious symptoms to a long-awaited diagnosis. Despite skepticism, their family pursued alternative treatments to find the answers. 


    With determination, Pamela was able to discover and  implement a holistic approach to her son’s healing. Since, they have found remarkable progress which has now led to the creation of a supplement company, offering affordable lab testing and telemedicine services.

    The Process of Healing


    Your mindset is the single most important aspect to remaining determined in the process of healing and discovering the source of the problem. 


    Flexibility and willingness to roll with the constant changes is inevitable in the healing journey. 


    Pamela reflects on her relentless pursuit of solutions for her son’s health issues, fueled by determination and constant brainstorming.

    Navigating the Holistic Approach to Wellness


    In navigating a holistic approach to wellness and healing, it’s important to first address the underlying causes to health issues and what is causing them. 


    A holistic approach may not be as immediate as traditional medicine, but it’s an approach that provides longevity to feeling your best.


    Pamela’s main inspiration for creating a brand was to refine the supplements we intake, containing only the essential elements we need without the additives. 


    You have to take others thoughts and opinions lightly and focus on what feels best for you. 


    Pamela’s primary goal in launching hellohealth extends beyond her personal journey. She aims to create a secure platform where individuals can connect and uncover the underlying factors affecting their health.

      About Pamela Wirth:

      Pamela Wirth is a hockey mom, lifelong learner, Carnegie Mellon trained MBA, former public company

      executive, management consultant, author and health enthusiast. She founded Hello Health with doctor-
      formulated supplements following a neurodiversity diagnosis of her son and is dedicated to nutrition, education and building a network to help heal more people – particularly those with Neurodiversity,
      Autoimmune and Autism syndromes. Pamela enjoys health and wellness, traveling, and helping others, specifically enabling people to feel better from the inside out. She combined these passions along with her experience while living in Europe and Asia with US doctors and other families to write Hello, Health and soon to be published Saving My Son. Her consulting, life experiences and attention to detail allowed her to work with a number of people and companies with a passion for helping others.

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