The Guts To Ask The Million Dollar Questions

Your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur could simply boil down to having the guts to step out of your comfort zone and ask the right questions. Co-Founder of The School of Hard Knockz and content creator, James Dumoulin joins The Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast to talk about the best advice he’s collected from millionaire entrepreneurs, and how you can start taking action towards your goals today.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • What The School of Hard Knockz is
  • Taking action and having the guts to ask questions
  • The best advice for entrepreneurs

Welcome to The School of Hard Knockz


Created by and for aspiring entrepreneurs, the root of The School of Hard Knockz is providing mentorship & inspiration to an online audience. 


Getting a degree is honorable, but you don’t necessarily have to have a degree to become successful in today’s world of creativity. 


The most valuable skill set one can hone in and improve upon is their communication skills.

The Guts To Ask The Million Dollar Questions 


The power of having the guts to ask the million dollar questions and step out of your comfort zone open the door to endless opportunities.


Many individuals build a life and career on things they aren’t even passionate about, when in reality you can become successful at anything you truly enjoy if you work hard enough. 


When you ask questions you not only learn valuable knowledge, but you learn life lessons on what not to do. 

The Best Advice For Entrepreneurs


Relationships are the foundation for success. In the world of James, ‘Relationships can take you places money can’t’.

In any business venture, providing value to your audience must be your number one priority. 


You are who you surround yourself with. And you can also benefit from surrounding yourself with people who are well versed in an area you aren’t good at just yet. 


How you handle rejection determines where you’ll go in the future. 


No one is going to come and make your dreams happen for you. You have to be willing to get up and take action every day to do it for yourself.

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