The Faith to Keep Showing Up

In this episode, Christina delves into the transformative journey of Coach Dar, a certified occupational therapist turned best-selling author and motivational speaker. Coach Dar emphasizes the importance of faith in navigating life’s unpredictable path, asserting that when you align your passions with the world’s needs, success is inevitable. She also encourages us to use our gifts to help others and emphasizes the significance of persistence and showing up for oneself. 

    Introducing Coach Dar


    Life is not linear, where you start today will not be where you are years from now. 


    Introducing Coach Dar, a certified occupational therapist who has since taken her knowledge in psychology, leadership, and faith to transition into a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

    The Faith to Keep Showing Up 


    When you have faith and hone in on your passions, your abilities will meet the world’s needs. 


    We are here to use our gifts to help those around us and step into what we are called to do. 


    If you hold firm in your faith and continue to show up for yourself, there is no way you won’t succeed. 


    Having faith doesn’t mean everything will work out perfectly, but it does mean that your purpose will be fulfilled even in ways you may not yet see. 

    The Art of Bouncing Back 


    After having a third stroke and experiencing a significant setback, Coach Dar was reminded by her agent to put herself out there and that her story was worth sharing. 


    Coach Dar’s book ‘The Art of Bouncing Back’ is for everyone and anyone who inevitably will experience a setback of some sort in their lifetime. 


    You’re either on a path to “becoming” the very thing you wish to be, or you are already there.


    If you’re unsure of the path ahead, focus on your natural abilities and talents. 


    Characteristics of Greatness


    Consistency is the key characteristic to achieving greatness. 


    If you want to be great at anything in life you must show up and continue to do the same things with consistency. 

      About Coach Dar:

      Coach Dar blends a knowledge of psychology, life, experience, and her personal mission in life to inspire greatness in everyone she meets. The result? Individuals, corporate executives, and professional athletes discover their own personal missions, individual gifts, and set their sights on the goals that they thought impossible. It is her unique style and approach during transformational seminars, high impact speaking engagements, and exclusive one-on-one sessions that has helped countless people say NO to the status quo, raise the bar in their lives, and break through adversity to reignite their fire.


      • Follow along Coach Dar’s journey through her website.

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