Taking a Leap of Faith with Doc Jen Fit

Episode 40 – Taking a Leap of Faith with Doc Jen Fit:

Jen Fraboni (formerly Jen Esquer and more widely known as Doc Jen Fit) built a successful business and found the love of her life by taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Jen has successfully grown her social media to over 675k followers, has a booming online business she loves, and has found a supportive partner in life. Her journey hasn’t been easy, but she is living proof that anyone can achieve success doing the things they love. In this episode, Jen share’s how she overcame imposter syndrome and personal failures to live a life she truly loves. This podcast is a great listen for anyone seeking permission or guidance to make a massive change in their life.

Jen didn’t start out trying to become a massive Instagram influencer. She was like everyone else, sharing about things she enjoyed doing, which at the time was calisthenics. It wasn’t until Jen took her friend’s advice to teach her slowly growing audience about how to expand their yoga practice by opening up their body and increasing their mobility that she really blew up.

It took a lot of courage and overcoming imposter syndrome for Jen to take the first step. She was fresh out of physical therapy school and she was worried she’d say something wrong, but she realized if she could help just a few people it was worth it. Had Jen not taken a leap of faith to try something new and allow herself to be guided by her friend, her life would look a lot different than it does now.

Taking a leap of faith is Jen’s greatest gift to herself. She listens to what her heart is telling her to do and she continues to open many additional doors, including finding the love of her life. Jen learned she was capable of taking huge action and doing uncomfortable things to allow her to live the life of her dreams.

If you’re trying to start your dream career, achieve a fitness goal, pick up a new habit or try something new, you’ll need to work through the fear and discomfort to take the leap. But it’ll be worth it! Decide It’s Your Turn to take a leap of faith and start living the life you want.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Doc Jen’s approach to physical therapy is different 
  • The way our body sends us signals that something isn’t right and what this actually means
  • Jen’s story to putting herself out there and growing a massive following online 
  • Pushing past imposter syndrome 
  • How Jen navigated one of the hardest moments of her life 
  • What a shroom journey is like

Jen Fraboni’s Bio:

Jen Fraboni, PT, DPT, is an internationally-renowned physical therapist who specializes in helping people overcome chronic pain and maximize physical performance. As the founder of two transformative programs, The Mobility Method and The Optimal Body, she brings a unique, whole body approach to strength, mobility and pain-free living. In 2019, Jen was named one of the top 50 most influential healthcare professionals. Jen’s easily accessible approach has garnered her more than half a million followers on social media and millions of views of her health and fitness videos. Jen has been featured in Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness and in 2020, graced the cover of Oxygen Magazine. She has recently been featured on Good Morning America and NBC. Dr. Jen is the co-host with her husband, who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to a popular podcast called The Optimal Body Podcast. They live in Los Angeles, California.

Show Notes:

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