Mastering Resilience and Joy: The Journey to Success on the PGA Tour

In this inspiring episode, Ken Duke reflects on his remarkable career, spanning 15 years on the PGA Tour and 5 years on the PGA Tour Champions. Ken shares his journey from being diagnosed with scoliosis and undergoing a life-changing surgery to discovering golf as a safe sport that kept his dreams alive.

Listeners will hear about the persistence it took for Ken to finally win the PGA Tour Championship after numerous attempts, emphasizing the unique nature of golf where every player competes against themselves. Ken highlights the importance of maintaining a resilient mindset amidst frequent losses, and how finding joy in the sport can significantly enhance performance.


    Ken Duke reflects back on his 15 years on the PGA Tour and 5 years on the PGA Tour Champions.


    Diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age, Ken underwent surgery that left him with a steel rod in his back. This condition ruled out other sports, but he quickly discovered that golf was still safe to play as he healed.


    It took hundreds of first tries before Ken finally won the PGA tour championship. 


    Unlike many other sports, golf is unique because each player competes against their own game. This often leads to numerous losses before achieving a win, making it crucial to maintain a resilient mindset.


    Along with a resilient mindset, finding joy in the sport you’re playing is critical and also in many cases leads to better performance. 


    Once you set your mind to your goals and build the confidence to believe you can accomplish them, it’s only a matter of time before you succeed. 


    It’s important that you enjoy what you do because it will make handling challenges a lot easier. 


    When all is said and done, be sure to enjoy and find joy in the ride on the way to success.


    Who you surround yourself with will directly impact your journey to success. You can improve substantially in your craft by learning from other’s that inspire you. 

      About Ken Duke:

      Early on in his career, Duke made 485 starts on the Korn Ferry Tour, winning twice. After that, Duke found solid footing on the PGA TOUR, competing in 318 PGA TOUR events, and winning once. Last week’s Regions Tradition was his 119th start on PGA TOUR Champions, where he is also a past winner.

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