Steps for Building Wealth & Your Dream Life

It’s time to take the steps for building wealth and your dream life. On today’s episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Christina is joined by serial entrepreneur Candy Valentino. Candy walks us through her personal journey to getting started in business, and how you can finally start taking steps towards your future today.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How Candy got started as a serial entrepreneur
  • What building leverage does for your life and business
  • How to get clear on your vision for what you want
  • Steps to take to begin to build your wealth

The Long Game


Candy attributes one of her first steps to building wealth to “playing the long game”; committing to starting slowly and working on consistency to reach her goals.


The power of knowing someone else has had success in the venture you’re after, is truly the only confirmation you need to get started in business.


From a young age, Candy found herself passionate about business and wanting to create something of her own to bring to her small hometown.

Trust The Process


In order to begin your entrepreneurial journey, you must know what you want and be comfortable with not knowing just yet how to get there. If you find yourself always waiting for the “how”, you’ll never start.


If you take one step at a time, and trust in the process you WILL find your own way.


The one habit that Candy stuck with throughout the beginning of her career, was never giving up and being committed to finding solutions rather than giving up.

Building Leverage


When you attach yourself to something beyond yourself, your focus becomes even more clear, and you’re ready for the next level.


Whether it’s to help your community, give back to those in need, bring awareness to a cause, this kind of leverage gives us momentum to go after our vision for what we want to build.


If you can take your greatest challenges and turn them into motivation, you will be able to look back and be thankful for those trying times.

Daily Reflection


Turning off the noise of the world around you, and spending time listening to your own thoughts is key to building confidence. Candy shares with us her 5 daily reflection questions:

  1. What am I missing?
  2. How can I do this easier?
  3. How is this going to workout to my best benefit?
  4. Who can I serve?
  5. What is next?

Building Wealth


The largest expense of our lives is inevitably taxes. When it comes to building your own wealth, it’s a great idea to either start your own business or become a contracted employee so begin to receive the tax deduction benefits from entrepreneurship.


The beginning steps for building wealth

  1. Start your own business
  2. Find out what your risk tolerance is
  3. Get clear on your vision for your life and the end goal

About Candy Valentino:

Candy Valentino started her business at 19 years old with no degree, no corporate background, no money (and no internet). She successfully started, scaled, and successfully sold businesses in service, retail, e-commerce, and product manufacturing in addition to creating a vast real estate portfolio as a flipper and investor.

At the age of 26, Candy founded a non-profit charity. Through her success in business, she bought and donated a building to the organization. Since then they have saved thousands of lives and Candy has been actively involved, personally raising millions for the charity.

During her two and a half decades as an entrepreneur she has been named to Top Business Leaders 40 Under 40, Top 50 Women In Business, 10 People Making a Difference, Top 10 Business Consultants by Yahoo Finance, and was the youngest female to receive the Governor’s Award in Entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania. Candy was recently selected by Success Magazine as one of just 6 ‘Women of Influence’ and additionally listed to ‘Leaders Who Get Results’ with names like Will Smith, Gary Vee and Brene Brown.

Leveraging her 24 years of experience amassed from creating successful businesses in multiple industries, Candy created Founders Organization. With unmatched business development and entrepreneur education, Founders Organization supports entrepreneurs in their pursuit of growth, scale and profit in their businesses.

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