Starting a New Career at 60 with Jackie Halligan

Episode 35 – Starting a New Career at 60 with Jackie Halligan:

Can you start a new career at 50? What about starting a new career at 60? Short answer: Yes. 100 times, YES! It’s never too late to start a career you love. Jackie Halligan joins us in today’s episode to chat about how she started a new career as a fitness professional on her 60th birthday.

In Jackie’s former life, she was a school teacher for 30+ years. During a turbulent time in her life, she decided to leave her career to retire early. It was during her retirement that she found a newly ignited love for fitness. Jackie joined her teaching experience with her new hobby and became a fitness instructor. But the story doesn’t stop there! Jackie also found herself, like many others, pent-up during COVID, so she started putting short fitness demos onto social media – and within 1 year, she has well over 130K followers on Instagram alone. Jackie has become a fitness influencer!

Had someone told Jackie a year ago that she’d be an Instagram star, she would have told them they were crazy. At 64 years old, Jackie has overcome her fear of being on camera and has made hard decision after hard decision to put herself out there and keep learning. She has impacted so many lives and people around the world love her and join her for her fitness classes.

How did Jackie become so successful, you might ask? She loves what she does – she loves music, she loves fitness, and she loves helping people.

Join us to learn more about how Jackie started her company, Feel Good Fitness with Jackie and launched her new career at 60. Listen in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The joy that is Jackie Halligan
  • How Jackie became a fitness influencer sensation 
  • How Jackie transitioned from a career in teaching to teaching fitness online
  • Creating time and space for things you enjoy, and how it can change your life 
  • Gaining the confidence to put yourself out there, no matter what stage in life you’re in
  • A diagnosis Jackie received that she refused to keep her down

Show notes:

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