Societal Pressures that are B.S.

Society puts a lot of pressure on us to conform. Whether it’s the way we dress, look, or act, there are so many societal expectations that we’re expected to follow. But why? Why do we need to be put in such a box and labeled as “normal” or “abnormal?” You shouldn’t have to conform for society’s sake and worry about what other people think of you.

Society isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect. They never will be. It’s time we break these expectations and learn how to live our lives free from societal pressures. In this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ podcast, Christina deconstructs some of the harmful societal pressures on you as an individual and how you can overcome them to live life on your terms.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • A breakdown of the most common societal pressures
  • How to handle when others pressure you
  • Making decisions at your own pace
  • Christina’s why for some of her decisions to do things differently

The Pressure of Having Children and Getting Married

[06:16] Having children and getting married are two of the most significant societal pressures. People keep asking you too personal of questions, and at some point, you want to marry someone to put an end to the arguments – the pressures on young people to find their perfect match.

Confidence is Crucial

[09:38] It’s a lot simpler to resist social influences when you’re confident in who you are and what you believe. You can have all the strategies in the world and all the hurdles in front of you. But if you lack confidence, you’re doomed.

[10:02] When it comes to societal pressures, your confidence will be your most important asset, as well as being loyal to your beliefs and listening to yourself rather than what others have to say about what you’re doing. Everyone has a point of view. You’d better believe what you’re saying. That is why it is critical to have confidence in your ability to choose your path in life.

[10:39] People exert pressure on women, particularly women, to have children, to have children. They would talk you out of having a child if they saw you as financially and physically capable of doing so. People might assume you’re having trouble conceiving a kid because infertility is so common these days, but that’s not the case. Having children should always be a choice, not a necessity in any relationship.

[14:04] Age has no bearing on the length of a relationship; in fact, not even a piece of paper matters; what matters is the relationship itself. Don’t do anything unless you say yes, regardless of what others say, and that being competent in your judgment helps. It is beneficial to have information to back up your decision. Have the facts and be confident in your decision: why you don’t want to have children at this time, if ever, and why you don’t want to be married, as well as proof that your relationship is excellent without the piece of paper.

The Pressure Of Being Perfect

[15:02] The idea of being perfect is the second societal pressure that everyone, especially women, must deal with. There is pressure to do everything; keeping an ideal home, a great business, having a perfect relationship, keeping everything neat and on time, never missing an appointment, and arranging everything into our calendars. It can be exhausting at times to want to feel flawless, to feel as if you have to be perfect and do everything for everyone.

[21:28] Every parent is attempting to do the best they can. You have genuinely been wounded if you are a parent who feels obligated to complete everything and then makes yourself feel terrible about it. Being the best version of yourself for your children is one of the most important things you can do. And sometimes, that means skipping a game or not putting forth the effort to be perfect. And you don’t try to make every lunch and do everything possible for all of your kids to the point of exhaustion and having no time for yourself

[26:26] In society, there is enormous pressure to look a certain way, show up a certain way, and have a specific personality. It is the world in which we live. It would help if you first determined what makes you happy, so confidence, mindset, and self-worth are necessary. All of these factors are critical, and not only in business. Acceptance is the surest path to success in business.

We All Have Our Share of Struggles

[31:42] Several folks suffer from more personal issues. When you’re secure and aware that you’re working on yourself, you can say, “Yeah, I’m not normal,” or “I’ve had a lot of issues in my life, and I’m working on it,” or “I’m doing the best I can here today.” And I’m excellent with that. Understand that you are not required to be quote, unquote, a specific way.

[32:21] We all have something to deal with, whether it’s physical, mental, financial, emotional, or otherwise. Everything goes away when you can be confident in yourself and tune out from society’s demands to being normal, look a certain way, or speak in a specific manner. It doesn’t entirely vanish. You, on the other hand, are more capable of dealing with it. You can go back to who you are in terms of self-confidence, worthiness. How you show up in terms of self-esteem and all of that. It simply makes things a lot easier.

[33:29] The need to have the ideal relationship in the perfect family is another cultural pressure. It isn’t possible. It is impossible to have an ideal family, marriage, or relationship. That’s all fake, and it’s the product of the social pressure you’ve placed on yourself. It is untrue that there is a single perfect family on the planet. In our world, there isn’t a single flawless relationship. Because this is not the case, do not put yourself under needless stress. We’re all giving it our all.

[39:06] Competence is a critical component of leading a successful life, just as confidence is. Because who you hang out with determines your status. It’s all a question of ability. It’s the willingness to act and having faith in your decisions. There will always be societal pressures. They’ve been there from the beginning and are sure to stay until the very end.

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