Rewriting Your Money Mindset

In this episode, Christina explores the transformative journey of rewriting your money mindset. From triggering emotions to the pursuit of financial security, she delves into how our beliefs about money impact our lives. Discover actionable strategies to reprogram negative money narratives and create a mindset of abundance.


    Money discussions can trigger various emotions in individuals. Initially, feelings of scarcity, shame, pressure, and comparison may arise.


    Many desire financial security and the reassurance that they have enough to live the life they envision.


    Even on bad days, try and shift your perspective to gratitude. 


    Your mindset either enables or blocks your capacity to generate wealth.


    You possess the ability to reshape your money mindset and the narratives surrounding your finances.


    You have to reprogram the stories you’ve been told by others and the stories you create for yourself when it comes to money. 


    By altering the stories, behaviors, and routines regarding money, you have the chance to not just transform your own life but also those of future generations.


    Someone who believes money is difficult to earn will inevitably encounter more challenges than someone with a mindset that money is plentiful.

    Show Notes for Rewriting Your Money Mindset:

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