Repurposing with Passion and the Power of Perseverance

In this episode, delve into Mike Fata’s inspiring journey from health enthusiast to entrepreneur, as he leverages the power of ‘Repurposing with Pride’. Discover how Mike transformed his love for health into a successful hempseed business, navigating the challenges of retail and the value of genuine passion in the face of business odds. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, Mike’s tale of perseverance and innovation is a testament to the potential that lies in seeing the world differently and making old ideas shine anew.

    Align Your Passion with Your Work


    Mike’s journey started with challenges from his tumultuous childhood and struggles with weight, igniting his pursuit of wellness and a healthier lifestyle.


    When you align your passion with your work, that’s when you can truly build a life you love. 


    After experimenting with different nutritional methods on himself, Mike uncovered the potent essential fatty acid benefits of Hempseed.

    Repurposing with Pride


    In our world of endless possibilities, Mike advocates for “Repurposing with Pride” when transforming a passion into a business—taking existing ideas and infusing them with a personal touch and enthusiasm.


    Inspiration can be cultivated from seeing a product or service that is already out in the world. 


    Despite lacking formal business education, Mike’s passion drove him, leading to significant opportunities, such as entering Costco. His journey resonates with other entrepreneurs’ experiences, where a mix of hard work, timing, and “luck” leads to success.

    Helping Others to Do Good


    After selling the company, Mike has been able to build new mentorship programs and products to help other like-minded entrepreneurs put good back into the world. 


    Through hitting “rock bottom” seasons in life, Mike found this as motivation to persevere and help those around him to do the same.


    Being in connection with the community is a piece of the journey to becoming whole.

      About Mike Fata:

      Co-founding Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods in 1998, and serving as Chairman of the Board and CEO until 2016, Mike helped guide the strategic sale of the company to Tilray for $419 million dollars in 2019. Since then, Mike has celebrated and supported other business ventures as an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and mentor.

      Mike is an author, speaker, and has won numerous awards. Currently Chief Executive Officer of Fata & Associates, Mike is now host of Founder to Mentor podcast, Lifetime Member (Past Chairman) of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), Lifetime Member (Past Chairman) of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO Manitoba) and investor/advisor to a portfolio of world class companies.


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