Diving Into Relationships and Entrepreneurship

The listener’s favorite guest, Nathan Salter, who also happens to be Christina’s husband is back on the podcast. In this episode together, they dive into relationships and entrepreneurship and answer some of your most requested questions.



    Christina is joined by her husband for a much-awaited Q&A session.


    In any partnership, it’s important to balance your partner’s needs with your own; allowing space for each other to work through the things in life as they come up with a strong support system.


    Each person in a relationship has certain areas of life that they need to work on more, but it’s important to show up for one another from a positive and honest place. 

    Finding The Right Coach


    When starting the search to find the right coach for you, it’s important that you find a coach that aligns with you and the goals you’re wanting to achieve. 


    An indicator you’ve found a good coach is that you’re able to dive deep into topics with them and see incremental progress along the way. 


    A coach’s responsibility is to not give you the answers but to guide you through what is blocking you from getting where you want to go. 

    Handling Disagreements


    When there are things that come up in your relationship that you disagree with, it’s important that you maintain respect. 


    In a relationship, it’s okay to disagree, and it’s most likely inevitable, but trust allows you both to move through the problem together.



    Keeping an open dialog when it comes to finances is key to building trust, but it’s also essential to each have your own money that you can spend freely without having the burden to ask your partner.


    It empowers each of you in partnership to have your own money apart from a shared account that you can use for your hobbies and interests.

    Mindset To Reach New Heights


    To elevate yourself to reach new heights you must stretch yourself and put yourself in experiences that push you to grow.


    Many life lessons come from surrounding yourself with individuals you look up to or that are different from you entirely.

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