Top 10 Most Powerful Mastermind Moments

My Decide It’s Your Turn™ Mastermind has provided a community for women to grow, learn and thrive time and time again. Today I want to share with you the top 10 most powerful mastermind moments I’ve witnessed throughout the years.

Because at the end of the day, who you surround yourself with has a huge impact on your success and confidence. I hope this episode helps you reflect on who you spend your time with, and a supportive mastermind group can improve your life and goals.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a mastermind is
  • How a mastermind can enhance your life
  • The top 10 results that have come out of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Mastermind

What Is A Mastermind


A Mastermind is a like-minded group of people coming together to accelerate growth. One of Christina’s first steps to growth during one of the hardest seasons of her life was surrounding herself with other’s that inspired her.


Christina contributes the same principles that are within a mastermind to her successful golf career; surrounding herself and playing with people who were better at their craft. This in turn motivated her to keep working hard towards her own goals.

Where It All Began


When Christina first started her mastermind, she partnered with a friend and they put together a small group of women and facilitated a true mastermind experience. Three of the women of which ended up launching their own businesses that took off after the mastermind.


To this day, Christina is still connected to the six women who were in her very first Mastermind. Even after the mastermind has ended, they continue to support each other and have cultivated authentic relationships.

Results Out Of The Mastermind


Four years after the mastermind, the results have only continued to flourish for the women who were a part of the very first group.


When it comes to wanting to start a business, one of the number one things Christina often hears other’s say is “they can’t seem to meet other women who understand them”. But with this mastermind, Christina is able to facilitate women together to help each other reach the results they’re after while making the money they deserve.

So Much More Than Business

While many of the individuals in the mastermind group are entrepreneurs, there are also multiple people who are there to build a community to support them in every aspect of their lives.


Different ages, walks of life and interests all come together in the Mastermind. This allows powerful conversations and change to happen.


At the end of every semester, Christina finds that the ultimate result is that each woman walks away much more confident than they were before they joined.

Top Ten Most Powerful Mastermind Moments


The Top Ten most powerful moments Christina has witnessed throughout the years of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Mastermind:

  1. 7 people are now making over seven figures a year
  2. Over 30 members have started their own businesses during and after the mastermind
  3. 4 members have written books and told amazing stories
  4. 5 members have started their own podcasts
  5. 50 members have shared that they’ve found a deeper faith in their lives
  6. 20 members have returned to the program or have done 1:1 coaching after being a part of the mastermind
  7. No dream has gotten shut down in the group, only encouragement has been given in these moments
  8. Many of the women have connected in person with their group members and many have become best friends
  9. So many women have recommended this group to friends who are seeking a group of like-minded people
  10. Every woman leaving this group leaves having the knowledge and power to “decide” in their lives

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