The Power of Affirmations and Visualization

Have you ever considered the power of affirmations and visualization, and the influence these tools can have on our lives? This is the question that sparked the vision for Anna Lozano, the co-creator of Love Powered Co™. Anna joins Christina on the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast to dive into the power of affirmations and the journey it’s taken to bring them to the world.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Anna’s journey from corporate to entrepreneur
  • Anna’s passion for affirmations and what inspired her to start her business
  • When to introduce children to affirmations
  • How to pivot and handle hardships in entrepreneurship

The Journey


Anna walks us through her journey from the Marketing corporate world, to opening her own entrepreneurial journey through network marketing.


The “yes” that changed everything for Anna. This moment allowed her to start her own company and opened the door to her own personal development.


The birth of Anna’s first daughter in 2016 is what sparked her curiosity on the power of affirmations and visualization, and how they impact us as we raise the next generation. 

Asking The Universe


Anna shares what prompted her to ask the universe for what she was wanting in life, and how ‘The Secret’ provided her this initial perspective.


Anna’s shift from hustle and bustle to trusting the universe is working behind the scenes for her, and that it’s not just her doing the work.

Where It All Started


Many people don’t see the behind the scenes of building a mindful business. In this part of the episode Anna reflects on the twelve years it took to build her business and the mindset shifts along the way – even in moments of resistance.


Wanting to raise her own children on affirmations was the inspiration for the business, and as Anna and her co-creator were doing market research they realized that there was nothing out there on the current market.


Anna walks through all of the pieces of the puzzle that it took to bring their idea to life. From picking manufacturers, gathering the creative and putting together strategies.

Introducing Children to Affirmations


When is a good time to introduce children to affirmations? Simply put, as soon as possible! Because Anna’s cards are visual, these visualizations and hearing the words are able to begin to build a foundation for children.

Behind The Scenes


While Anna and her co-creator were on fire the hardships came later for them when the pandemic began, and they quickly pivoted in a big way by providing FREE digital affirmations to their audience.


In order for your business to thrive, you must be willing to pivot. It feels stressful, but as you pivot and change with what is going on in the market you will find success.

Coaching Female Founders


As the “hustle” culture grew around Anna, a discomfort began to also rise within her. For her, this is what launched her into the world of supporting other women with these feelings and how they can create beautiful businesses without having to exhaust themselves.


Having a like-minded community is so essential to personal growth and development.


We get stuck on perfecting our offers before we launch, but Anna believes the exact opposite. There is no one-way to do anything. Follow what feels in alignment for you, and shift as you go.


About Anna Lozano:

Anna Lozano is the Co-Founder of Love Powered Co™, the affirmation company. She is also a coach for female business founders and a business investor. She is raising two mindful girls in Kelowna British Columbia.

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