Overcoming Life’s Obstacles with Julianne Kirkland 

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Julianne Kirkland, an overcomer strategist, joins Christina to share her A.R.I.S.E formula, which she developed herself. A.R.I.S.E has helped Julianne overcome many obstacles in her life including CARRYING QUADRUPLETS, handling the care of her father and his Alzheimer’s, running multiple businesses and writing a book. Listen in for all the incredible details and buy a copy of Julianne’s book, Water Walker

Christina Lecuyer’s Bio:

Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn: Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully live in their purpose, confidently and successfully!

Julianne Kirkland’s Bio:

Julianne Kirkland is a wife, mother of six, multi-business owner, and entrepreneur. She loves being outside, adventures with her kids and culinary journeys with her husband! Jesus and inspirational t-shirts are her faves! Julianne believes we are able to manifest God’s power within to renew our minds, transform our habits and live life abundantly! Her expertise is helping high achieving women gain clarity of their calling and create a process to overcome their obstacles.

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Full Episode Transcript for Overcoming Life’s Obstacles: 

Christina: Y’all I’m so excited for today. My girlfriend Julianne Kirkland is on the show and I’m so excited to have you. You are a former client who is now absolutely kicking arse and taking names and doing all the things in this world and I’m just so proud of you. I’ve been able to witness over the last few years of you really, honestly just stepping into your greatness and you overcoming so many obstacles and that’s really what this podcast is about today.

That’s the reason why I wanted to have you on the show, obviously, deciding it’s your turn and I’ve seen you over and over in the last couple years that we’ve been connected. You were only a part of my program last year, but we’d known each other for what, at least a year and a half or two years before that.

And I was able to read your fantastic book, Water Walker. I highly recommend it to every single human who is listening to this podcast, but obviously, I’m just giving you this amazing introduction because you are truly an amazing human, but I’d love for you to tell everyone your side of the story of who you are and why you’re here.

Julianne: Thank you. I’m so excited to be here. Yes. So I’m Julianne Kirkland, I’m an overcomer strategist. I’m an author and a coach and a speaker, as well. And it’s my mission to make sure that people understand that in the chaos of this world and everything that is going on that life doesn’t have to be so hard.

And I got so inspired by you, Christina. In fact, I have this part of a program that I teach and I’m on stage in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs. And I tell the story of how we first met and how you invited me to your mastermind and I was like, no, and I just kinda thought it was this pitch.

And then you kept keeping up with me. And I was like, holy crap, she’s a real person. Like she actually cares about people. This is different. And that has always stuck with me. So when I’m telling people how to advance their marketing, their organic ways of marketing, I’m like, be a real human and connect with people.

So I always have you in my mind when I’m telling that story.

Christina: Aw, thank you. And you know what? I just think we could, honestly, we could stop the podcast right here. Cause how often in your business and in my business, do we get, how do you brand yourself? How do you give clients what it is that you’re doing?

And I was like, no, no, no, no. You’re so confused. Like, yes, there are a lot of things that you can do. And yes, there are strategies and yes, there’s things that feel more in alignment to you than to someone else. But at the end of the day, I am really amazing at connecting with humans. That’s the best thing that I do, bottom line, is that I actually care about the success of the people that I not only know, but I work with as well.

Clearly, I’m a little bit more invested in obviously my clients, but you and I had had a conversation and a relationship, a social media relationship, for way over a year before you bought into any one of my programs, because I really did believe that I could serve you. I think that that’s exactly why I pursued you because I was like, no, no, no, you don’t understand.

This is the thing that is holding you back. Everything that you think that you need to be doing is exactly what you need to be doing, but you’re so afraid to step into it. And watching you over the last year, truly step into your power and step into your greatness, even before we turn the microphone on today, we were talking about you getting these ‘aha’ clarity moments and you worked with not only myself, but some of the biggest names now, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, you’re a speaker for them now.

And you know, I think that you’re understanding that God created you just like he created Tony and Dean and you are so stepping into the fact that you are here to serve so many people and I’m just like uber proud of you. 

Julianne: Aw thanks! It feels good. It feels really good. 

Christina: Yeah. So obviously you brand yourself now as an overcoming strategist.

And I think we need to go back to the fact that we’ve kind of talked for like two or three minutes and people are going to hit their jaw on the floor on this. So you are a mom of six babies. We totally just left that out that you’re a mom of six babies and not only just six babies, like one at a time, you’re a mom of quadruplets and that’s a huge part of your story.

So like, yes, you’ve done a lot of awesome things, but like, oh yeah, you’re a mom of six, too. 

Julianne: Yeah. So quadruplets that’s four babies at one time. And I always have to allow people to pause with that because their mind doesn’t just naturally accept that as a possibility. 

But that taught me so much and I go into great detail in my book of just how it tested me spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, in every possible way. I was tested with that pregnancy and that birth, and then raising the children. It just taught me, one, that you are wildly capable of achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Christina: Hmm. Amen. And yeah, they’re still alive. 

Julianne: They’re alive! I’m winning!

Christina: So you’re doing a heck of a job girl. They’re alive and well, so you win in my book from that. But what else was happening during that time, I think is really important to talk about as well. 

So not only were you dealing and you guys, again, get the book Water Walker. It was so, so good. But not only during the pregnancy were you dealing with obviously being pregnant with four babies and trying to keep them alive. You were away from your family at the time because you had to be hospitalized to make sure you are carrying the children to full term.

You were dealing with your dad’s Alzheimer’s at an early age, you were dealing with a business, you’re a successful entrepreneur who owned salons that you were dealing with the closure of those. There were so many things going on. 

This podcast, the reason why I do it is because I want people to understand that they actually have the power to decide it’s their turn to do anything.

And during that time of overcoming and not only overcoming, but thriving during that time, I’d love for you to talk about that situation and how you truly dealt with everything that I just listed and more. 

Julianne: Yeah, because another thing on there was my alcoholic brother was living with us. Just on top of that.

It’s funny. Cause when I had written the book and the very first editor I sent it to, she sent it back with notes saying, it’s getting too predictable. And I was like, what do you mean too predictable?

Are you kidding? Nobody could predict that. Nope. Nope. Veto, you’re going to have to explain that. But she was saying that no matter what obstacle is being put in your way, you’re overcoming it.

And she was like, how are you doing that? And so it was getting that outside perspective to go, oh wait, how did I come through all of that? Like what was my process? What was my thinking? What was happening to me? And looking back on that editing process again, the book was the bird’s eye view, right on what was happening in that five-year period.

The editing of the book was where I elevated even higher and got a God’s eye view of what was actually happening during all of that. And he dropped the word ‘arise’ on my heart. And it just allowed me to create this five step process that I was taking myself through each and every single time to arise out of those situations.

And so I ended up just kind of running with that and creating a course with that. I coached women through their overwhelm and all their obstacles on that five step process.

Christina: Oh my gosh. Okay. I love it. So can we go through some of this because obviously it’s very different than working with you or working with myself, but at the same time, too, what are some tangible takeaways that people can walk away from this podcast, if they are feeling so overwhelmed?

What I have come to know about my high-achieving people who are totally attracted to me is the fact that most of us are so overwhelmed in the day-to-day. Someone who’s listening to this podcast right now is feeling so overwhelmed with life and is feeling so overwhelmed with the day-to-day and not really knowing what to do to make sure that they are living a life that they’re supposed to be living, following their purpose and staying faithful.

Obviously one main thing about you is you are the epitome of just trusting God through the whole entire process. And that is the base of pretty much everything that you do. So if you were to help someone who is listening to this podcast, what are some simple things that people can take away to feel like they can deal with it overwhelmed? 

Julianne: It’s to really simplify it. And so just like a quick rundown of the arise formula is to A: identify those afflictions from your past. If you look back over the course of your life and really start to analyze those hardships, those storms, those pains, all those afflictions that you’ve had, and always have them draw out a storm cloud and then kind of write down with lightning bolts what those pains were.

And then you kind of look for that common theme that’s running that underlying current, that kind of takes you through each of those. And why is it so painful to you? What is it bringing up in you? 

For me, it was that underlying feeling that I was never good enough. That started from when I was young, young, young, young, young, and you know, I was physically not good enough, I just air-quoted but you can’t see that. I forget we’re on a podcast.

But not being physically good enough to hold four babies at once. I mean, I kept going into preterm labor, which is why I had to be shipped away. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t making enough money to put the best care for my father’s Alzheimer’s. So it was why those storms were so hard because it kept pecking at that not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough. 

So identifying that brings awareness to that. That’s it. That’s the key, because once you’re aware of it, you can see it coming. It doesn’t take you by surprise anymore. It doesn’t feel so daunting and overwhelming. And just like this pressure that sits on your chest. You see it for what it is.

And the R stands for revelation and there’s so much more than just inspiration. Revelation, I believe, is 100% from God. Just like, Hey, I have called you for more daughter. It’s time to trust me. It’s time to lean in. 

And I’m often taken back to the book of Matthew where they talk about the scene where Peter walks on the water and the truth is Peter never would have exercised that faith. He would have never taken the step out of the boat to walk on those raging waters if Jesus would have calmed the storm first. 

And it just, it gives me chills every time, because all Jesus said was come, just come, come on, come on. And we want so badly for our conditions and circumstances to change first.

But that’s not what faith is. Faith is moving and action despite what’s happening. And then I is your inherent needs, actually recognizing what matters most to you. What are your non-negotiables? Because if you start compromising on those things that matter most to you, you’re going to compromise on everything else.

Christina: I love that you literally hit on something that I work with my clients so often and even the revelation part, right? You have to recognize what it is that is holding you back. So that’s the reason why I say this all the time. It doesn’t matter what coach you get for whatever it is that you’re doing.

Someone can attract you with funnels or sales. Or a small following or whatever the heck it is that they’re trying to attract you into their program for, but at the end of the day, if you truly aren’t dealing with the mental side of it, that’s why to me, the mindset is the number one key in business, in the confidence, because if you’re not dealing with the mindset stuff and you’re not understanding what is actually holding you back. It’s not the fact that you don’t have a sales strategy. 

The fact is that you have the blocks and whatever that is not feeling enough, right? For you, perhaps if it’s true, one of the reasons why you didn’t join the first round of the mastermind when you were invited and you did it the second year is because at the time you didn’t feel like enough.

You didn’t feel like you had all your ducks in a row in order to be able to do it. So I love the fact that you said that you have to step out in faith sometimes and have no idea how you’re going to be able to walk on that water when the storm is there, but you have enough faith in knowing that no matter what God’s got you and you’ll figure it out. I love that. 

Julianne: A hundred percent and the next one is S and that stands for your strength. And here’s what actually I learned from you in this process that you’re just now talking about is that at that time, I didn’t feel like I had that strength in myself. 

So I believe that God will, in that revelation, put people in your way to say, hey, pay attention. I’m trying to get your attention. And that’s what happened. Because you kept up with me throughout a year and a half until your next program launched. And I said, yes, that second time. And I still didn’t have the money to pay for it. You know what I mean? But I was like, you know what? She’s strong, she’s confident I’m going to borrow hers until I can grow my own.

Christina: That’s exactly it. So many people tell me, they’re like, oh my gosh. If I just had your energy and your confidence and your mindset every single day, I’m like, yeah. That’s like 80% of the reason why people work with me is because by the time that they get off a call, they’re going to feel like an absolute rock star as well.

And in seasons, in life, we all need that. I have borrowed it from my therapist. I borrowed it from my husband. I borrowed it from my coach. That’s the reason why, I’m like, yeah, you signed a six month contract. But let’s be honest if you’re in this for the long haul, you’re going to need someone for the rest of your life because we all have these seasons where we need support. 

It just doesn’t make sense to me why anyone would not want to do this with support because if you are continuing to trust God, you’re continuing to move forward. You’re continuing to know that you need support in order to be called into your greatness.

And we’re not supposed to do this world alone. We’re not supposed to do that. So yeah, I a hundred percent agree. And so many people are now coming to you for that exact same reason. I mean, my gosh, you have six babies and you are the Energizer Bunny, as well. I mean, you have so much passion for life and you’re just called to energize other people. And so I love that you say that. 

Julianne: Yeah. And then the last step is ethos, which is even more to what we’re talking about is getting in that community of support. Being with those people who call you higher, who see your potential in you and like, boom, pull it out of you because there are enough haters in this world.

There’s enough crap out there, there’s enough noise. Finding people who help elevate your voice. That’s huge. And when you find those people, you hold on to them and that’s incredible. That’s what masterminds are all about. 

Christina: Yeah, but that’s what this whole thing is about. And it’s so beautiful.

I think that you’ve learned that and a ton of your clients are now getting the exact same thing from you. You’ve worked with Tony and Dean, if no one knows who they are, you might be under a rock if you’re listening to this podcast, but a hundred percent the truth, right?

You get around people who want more in life. I was actually doing a discovery call the other day and I was talking to this woman and it’s like she has put off listening to that small still voice in her for her whole entire life. She’s in her late forties, probably early fifties. And she lives in an area where thinking like you and I think or people who listen to this podcast is like, you might as well say to her, people that live around her that Martians are around her because that’s kind of the situation that she lives in. And, you know, she started following people on social media and realizing that a whole ‘nother world exists.

And I think it’s just so amazing when God shows you a path, especially in the world that we’re living in right now, like with your podcast, my podcast, social media, whatever it is, where someone can understand that there are people that think and vibrate in this way and want more and are okay with more and are thriving in more, like you are thriving in more.

And when people see that, it almost gives them permission to say, oh my gosh. It’s okay to thrive. It’s okay to want more. 

Julianne: Absolutely. Absolutely. 

Christina: Oh, it makes me so happy. One thing that I think you have dealt with in life is when you’re starting your business, I remember helping you start, in the very beginning of like, what am I going to do?

How am I going to serve? One thing about you that I think is so funny. I remember one of our very first calls, you’re going to get a kick out of this. I remember when you were like, okay, so here’s the thing I want, like 30 one-on-one clients. And I was like, hold the phone. I’m so fucking confused right now.

I have 20 and I do not have children. I have support and all the things. And I’m like, when are you going to do these calls? You have six humans. 

Julianne: It’s so funny because I think that I’m an Enneagram eight, which is the challenger, challenge accepted! I’m like, I have a waking hour. Sure. I can do a client in that hour, but it’s not accurate. It’s not. Don’t do that, people. 

Christina: Do not! I was just laughing inside. I was like, this chick does not know what is up.

Julianne: You can be real for sure.

Christina: It was just one of those moments that I was like, oh, okay. Yeah. That’s not gonna work. 

So right now in your life, obviously people will look at you now and you know, they see your social media and they see your life where you have these six kids who are still alive.

Yup. You’re kicking butt. You have a great marriage. You have a podcast. You’re doing speaking engagements for Tony and Dean. You’ve got one-on-one clients right now. What are the things that you’re still working on overcoming? Because you know me, I’m very vulnerable. I always talk about what I’m still working on.

How are you still working on yourself? And what is it that you think that you’ll always be continuing to work on? And what’s the next step for you? Because I want people to understand that yes, you have an amazing life that you’ve created because you’ve taken some intentional arise action, but what are the things that you’re still working on and how do you support yourself in that?

Julianne: I think the main thing that losing my dad to Alzheimer’s taught me was to never take for granted my ability to choose one thought over another and to think about, to spend time, to invest in your brain and your thoughts, and to think about what you think about is hugely important for your health, for your success, anything at all. 

If your brain’s not right, nothing will be right. And so one of the things that I’m really working on is I’m pretty hot tempered. I fly hot really quick. I’m very impatient. It’s something that I’m working on that I’ve always been working on. But I want to be so filled with those good things so that when I get pressured, when I get squeezed from the outside world, that what comes out is good things.

It’s not reaction and anger. It’s not choice words. It’s beauty and peace and joy and faithfulness, all those things that I want to continue to put into me. So it’s always going to have to keep coming that way.

I always have to invest in that. I always have to spend time putting it in and there’s things that I have to eliminate. I was watching, I don’t even remember what show it was on Netflix. I’m like, this is not serving me at all. It’s not serving me. Why am I putting this garbage in my brain? Why? There is no point.

It’s also being aware that you get to choose what you consume and if you want better for your life, if you want to reach that next level in your life, if you want to, when the pressure is on, be releasing joy and peace and prosperity and all those beautiful things, then you’ve got to be spending time putting those in. So that’s something I think I’ll always be working on.

Christina: I love that so much. And it’s so, so true. I’m very intentional. My husband even says, you know, like a reality television show. He’s like, I have enough reality in my own life. Why in the world would I watch someone else’s reality, especially when it’s garbage stuff.

And so I think that that’s very, very important, even on social media, right? Sometimes you have to block people. Sometimes you have to mute people. Sometimes you have to unfollow people. And even if those people are close friends and close family, but they’re just a toxic environment to you because you’re trying to lead your most called life.

You’re trying to lead your most purposeful life. So when you are squeezed, you’re going to ooze the good things. What is it that you do on a daily basis? What are a lot of your habits that you’ve created in order to get to that place? 

Julianne: So my number one, how I start my day is one. I have my alarm on my phone, but it’s on the other side of the room. So I have to get up to go turn it off, but the alarm labels says, be your best self. And it reminds me that every time I go to hit, turn it off. You’re faced with that choice right there. First thing in the morning, do I snooze it away?

Do I cancel it? And go back to bed, go back to what I was doing or do I get up and start pursuing the best version of myself. And so just that little shift that I made is hugely important. I have not gotten back into bed since then. I have not snoozed since then, because it’s that quick reminder, first thing in the morning to go be the best version of myself.

And then I go and I spend time in the Word and Matt sits in his chair and I sit in my chair and we have our coffee, we’re together, but we’re separate. And that’s the time we spend filling ourselves up and it’s all before the kids wake up because if we try and do it when the kids are awake, it’s no good.

Christina: It’s never going to happen. Never going to happen

Julianne: It’s never going to happen. I’m recording this right now. And they got home off the bus and they still haven’t interrupted me. This is huge. 

Christina: Amazing! Lock the doors, lock the doors! 

Julianne: It’s meant to be!

Christina: It’s meant to be for sure. So I have a lot of moms that listened to this, and I definitely think that, I obviously don’t have children by choice.

And so I love to be able to give moms who are listening to this podcast, because most people are, kind of take away when you’re thinking about raising your kids in the world that we live in right now, because I know that this is something that you’re intentionally thinking about all the time and being a woman of faith and being a woman who is totally into overcoming and choosing better and deciding it’s her turn.

And how do you instill that in your kids? What are some things that you’re doing right now that you believe is really helpful to your kids in this, and especially in the world that we’re living in, which is COVID, social media, all the things. 

Julianne: Yeah. My husband and I were talking about this the other night.

It’s that we’re beginning to get frustrated because they want that instant gratification all the time. But we’re not teaching them that, are we? I think we’re pretty aware of patience and all that stuff, you know, I said, it’s the biggest thing I struggle with but it’s when they’re in the world, when they’re going to school and this is the world that they live in.

And so it’s like, okay, how do we put on the armor while they’re at home? What do we instill in them? Because my youngest, Myers, the other day, he was having a meltdown about something and he was like, I’m a bad kid! And I was like, no, you made a bad choice. You’re not a bad kid. And it’s just those little things to just keep putting back into them and filling them up again with the good things.

Because again, they didn’t learn that from us. We don’t say that. But they can hear it from other people and they’re exposed to it. And so it’s like, okay, how do we say no, you’re not a bad kid. You’re a great kid. You made a bad choice and there’s times where I’m telling you the story on stage one time and well, on stage is virtual. So there’s the chat box, right? 

Christina: That’s like in front of thousands, that’s freaking awesome. 

Julianne: What’s going to happen when we actually go back on the stage and we’re like, okay, put in the chat. There’s no chat box. 

Christina: I love it. We’ll add when you’re standing in front of – how many people are in those virtual audiences? Thousands? Hundreds? It’s going to be a whole new experience for you. The butterflies are going to be so much different.

Julianne: I’ll have to wear pants! It’s going to be a big deal! 

Christina: I’m like what? I have to get dressed? This is so weird! 

Julianne: But, statistically speaking, a child hears the word no 300 times a day on average. 

Christina: WHAT?!

Julianne: I know. And I was like, I’m saying no like 1800 times a day. And it made me nauseous, but it’s so true because we say things like, no, no, no, no, no. It’s so fast that we get up. No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. No, no, no, no, no. And so thinking about 1800 times a day, I was like, this is insane. And somebody dropped in the chat this really long, drawn out, like, well, you should say, oh, don’t do that right now, child just calm down.

I’m saying it in this voice because that’s how I read it. I don’t know. But I’m like, okay, okay. Here’s the thing though. There’s still reality. And sometimes the reality of six children is like, sit your ass down. That happens, you know, and it’s again though, I know when I have errored and I own that, I will apologize to my child if I fly hot on them afterwards, because that’s important too.

It’s important to see, hey, you know what? You can make mistakes as long as you own your mistakes and apologize for them. I think that is teaching them a skill that a lot of grownups need to learn. 

Christina: Amen, sister. Oh my gosh. Totally. A hundred percent. Yeah. This is part of your formula, the revelation part, but there’s so many things that now being an adult, no matter what family background you came from, most people would be like, oh, but I came from a great family.

I’m like, yeah, but your parents still jacked you up. My mom and I are in therapy right now trying to learn how to communicate better and I say that as I am so unbelievably grateful that I have that opportunity. I am so proud of my mom and I for doing the work to have a better relationship and to be able to communicate.

It just makes me overflow with so much gratitude that I have understood that that’s a possibility, but I love the fact that you’re talking to your kids about the ability that they have and the decisions that they have to change some of the patterns. 

I think that that’s one of the most beautiful things with mindset work and I always say to like my clients, I’m like now that you know, you can’t unknow. You know what I mean? You understand now that like, yep, that’s a habit. And that was a thing that your parents did, a choice that your parents had but now that you understand you have the power of a decision to make a different choice, you now understand that you’re like crap, the only person to blame right now is myself for not making a different decision. 

And I love the fact that you’re telling your kids that you’re human, because I think one thing that I have come to understand when now being quote unquote, a grownup. I still sometimes don’t think I’m a grownup. I’m almost 40, but seeing my girlfriends with their kids, I now understand that when you were a kid, you always thought like your parents had that God role.

It was like if they did something, well, that was the only way. And I remember now, seeing kids, how they punish their kids or like, hey, go to your room. You shouldn’t have done that. And then their kid leaves the room and their parents bust out laughing. I never understood that parents did that.

And I like to fathom that my parents were like actually not mad, but they had to punish me is like such a crazy thought to me still to this day. But I love the fact that I now can understand that parents are doing the best that they can. And they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, especially when their first ones are – 

Julianne: They’re trying to raise themselves right now. Like you need a coach.

Christina: Yes, exactly. That’s exactly it. I’m like, that is, that’s why I think it’s just so cool when people like yourself and, you know, obviously I don’t have children, but my clients, they work on themselves and then they realize that they have the power to put in like almost stop-losses with their kids.

To be like, wow, we were doing this for like the last 25 years and this was on me or 35 years and this is on me, but now I know I have the choice to do something different, the decision to do something different and oftentimes people look at investing in coaching with you, me or whomever. They look at that as an expense. And I look at it as such an investment because the trickle down effect, you literally invested in yourself and now it’s like, there’s six humans.

There’s your husband, there’s your clients. And I think a lot of people don’t think about literally changing generations when you can change yourself. 

Julianne: Yes, a hundred percent. And the thing that you taught me is that working with a coach, especially one that truly sees the best in you.

And I remember on one of our calls, I was like, Christina, I feel like I’m on the edge of greatness. And you were like, you are, I see it. You’re just pulling it out of me. But the thing is I didn’t realize that was going to come out of that relationship. You were seeing my blind spots because that’s what their blind spots they’re blind to you. You don’t see them on your own. 

And that’s really what a coach does is they, they help you course correct. And they see your blind spots and that allows you to still be human, to still show up, to want to live in that higher way, but also to have somebody coming alongside of you. I got you, watch out here. Oh yeah. Watch out here. Really helping guide you along the way. It’s just a beautiful thing.

Christina: Yeah. It’s like an external perspective, right? Oftentimes we’re so in it, especially whether it’s a business, starting a business or changing your mindset or changing your confidence or even relationship stuff, whatever it is.

It’s like, you’re so in it that it’s so hard to get that overhead view, like you just said, it’s so hard to just see, oh my gosh. Okay. We’re not that stuck. We’re like one step away. Or like, let’s take a right turn here instead of a left turn. And it’s just like such a game changer and yeah, I’m just, I’m unbelievably proud of you.

I’m so thankful that you decided to step out onto your own. And you know, obviously you were writing the book and working for Tony and Dean, and now you’re leading so many women around the world. 

And I want you just to be able to tell everyone where they can find you, where the book is available. I know you can get it for FREE, which is so crazy. How can they connect with you and listen to your podcast? 

Julianne: Yeah. So my podcast is called Next Level Faith podcast. It’s on all the podcasts places. 

Christina: I’m like, you know where you get podcasts?

Julianne: I’m a coach, I’m not a podcast person.

Christina: Yeah, exactly. 

Julianne: But I love my tagline, which says, the best version of you begins on your next level of faith because it’s just so true.

It’s stepping up and stepping out and you can get access to that. And all the ways to work with me from my website, www.juliannekirkland.com  

Christina: Amazing. We will put it all in the show notes. I adore you. I’m so proud of you. I love watching all of the things that you have going on. 

And I’m telling you, I’ve had three clients write books in the last year and I’ll tell you what, some of the best books I’ve ever read are from my clients in the last year. And maybe just because I’m so obsessed with y’all, but your book was, I told you I read it on two airline flights and I was in love with it. So check out the book, check out Julianne’s podcast, be sure to follow her over on Instagram.

And perhaps if you’re a part of Tony and Dean’s things, you’ll see her speaking to thousands with pants on hopefully here in person. Awesome. Perfect. Thanks girl.