Navigating Grief and Divorce

In this empowering episode, Molly Rubesh, a dedicated mother, author, and life coach, leads listeners through the intricate path of navigating life’s trials, including experiences like loss and divorce. The journey unfolds with the recognition that genuine transformation frequently arises from moments that may initially appear tragic.

    Navigating Grief


    Introducing Molly Rubesh: a mother, author, and life coach dedicated to empowering women to embrace their true authenticity and uncover their desired selves.


    The biggest moments in our lives may seem to be the most tragic, but that’s where true transformation happens.


    Your identity isn’t shaped by the challenges you encounter; rather, it is determined by your resilience and ability to navigate them, emerging stronger in the process.

    The Support To Make It Through


    Until you face what you’re struggling with it will continue to show up in your life.


    Amidst any challenge, relying on the support of others becomes your paramount asset in discovering the strength within yourself.

    Getting Through Divorce


    Divorce is one of those obstacles in life that is hard to understand unless you’ve personally experienced it.


    You have to be able to step into your power and what you want for your life, even if others may be disappointed.


    Although divorce may seem devastating, it can also reveal a more enriching life for both individuals engaged in the process.

    Stepping Into Authenticity


    Many of women find that their natural inclination is to be a “people pleaser”, and this is what can hold them back the most from stepping into their authentic selves.


    The fear of what other’s will think of us is holding us back from living our lives to the absolute fullest.


    We must uncover our past in order to build a more beautiful future.

      About Molly Rubesh:

      “Is Heaven Farther than the North Pole?” is a question Molly Rubesh’s youngest son asked after his biological mom passed away. It was a question Molly struggled to answer, and when her father passed away in 2022, she decided to combine her children’s grief with her own journey to look for signs of Heaven in our everyday life. Recently becoming a stay-at-home mom, she felt motivated to write Is Heaven Farther Than the North Pole? to help her children and herself as they search for solace and to help other children and parents process their own grief.

      Molly currently resides in Indiana with her husband, Grant and their four wonderful kids. Though she is still on her journey, she has indeed been able to find parts of Heaven in her search.

      • Follow along Molly’s journey on her website.

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