My Entrepreneurial Journey to Success

What is success? The answer to that question is extremely relative because success means something different to everyone. One thing is true for most people though – in order to have success, you have to be willing to put in the hard work. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Christina talks about her entrepreneurial journey to success including her struggles, sacrifices, and experiences that helped her along the way. While her journey might look different than someone else’s, you’re bound to learn a thing or two that you can implement in your own life. Tune in!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • A behind the scenes glimpse into Christina’s journey to find her own success
  • The various jobs Christina has had
  • How Christina originally got into the golf world
  • The steps that lead Christina to becoming a confidence coach

What is Success to Christina?


Christina thinks of herself as a reasonably successful individual. Sure, she can be hard on herself from time to time and she might not be as far along as she wants to be, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s accomplished a lot of great things in her life. She loves what she does and makes pretty good money doing it, which is the epitome of what “success” means to Christina.

How Did Christina Get Her Start?


Christina has been a hustler since she was in diapers. She’s always felt like she has an entrepreneurial mindset. Her parents used to operate a golf course, which where she got her start. She was the kid cleaning golf clubs, washing carts, and finding golf balls for 50 cents when she was five years old. Even at a young age, she was always finding ways to make money. She honed her skills as a businesswoman at a very young age and found her entrepreneurial spirit along the way.


Christina received a full scholarship to attend college, so she was fortunate enough to not have to work. She worked a little bit in the summers, then played professional golf for about three years after college. She developed a bad mindset during this time as she was chasing something she should not have been chasing – the fame, money and stardom. She was playing golf for the wrong reasons. Luckily, she was also starting to do corporate and charity golf outings, which helped her set her eyes on a new path on her journey to success.

Christina’s Big Break


Christina was a guest on a sports radio show right after she had done some reality TV show on the gold channel called “Big Break”. After the show, someone called her to see if she’d be willing to come to their charity event to hit golf balls for the day. This one event turned into 5 and then 10 and so forth. It had become a full-time business that she did for about 10 years of her life.

Christina’s Mindset At The Start of Her Journey to Success


She recalls finding it really hard to believe that someone would actually pay her to stand around and hit golf balls when she really wasn’t even that good. In retrospect, they hired her because she was excellent with the client. Sure, she looked a certain way and that might have contributed to some of her success, but at the end of the day, it was her personality and the simple fact that she showed up for every single person, giving them all of her attention and energy during that event. She learned you had to look a certain way, play a certain way and socialize in a certain way to provide an “experience” that was worth paying for.

Do The Thing No One Else is Doing


No one had ever done what Christina was doing without and LPG or PGA card. Just because no one has done what you’re trying to do before doesn’t mean you won’t be able to figure it out. Christina tells her clients all the time to try to do the thing that no one else is doing. You just have to be willing to TRY and put in the hard work. One of Christina’s clients is in a very distinct niche in the coaching world and Christina tells her all the time how fortunate she is to be working in a space with very few competitors.


Christina was willing to send emails and get turned down dozens of times in order to get the one client that said yes. She didn’t let the ‘NOs’ stop her from succeeding in her new-found career. She had the confidence in herself and the experience she was offering to put herself out there.

Know Your Worth and Ask For It


If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you’ll be able to find success in the thing you’re doing. You’ll also be able to build your confidence and  learn how to properly sell yourself or your service in the most profitable way. You know you’re the best in the industry and that your client will get the most bang for their buck by working with you.


When you’re just starting, most people aren’t always willing to pay you what you’re worth. A tip to keep in mind when you’re getting objections around your pricing model is to negotiate with other things at your disposal. Christina, for example, was able to accept a lower paying job on the terms that the individual or company make an introduction to someone else that would be interested in working with her.  The exposure you get will pay off handsomely and serve as an investment that leads to future clients through word of mouth. All you have to do is be willing to work regardless of income.

Network and Connect with As Many People as You Can


Christina’s willingness to connect with as many people as possible helped her grow her network and possible client base, but she was also able to learn a lot of really helpful tips from some really successful people. She remember’s chatting with Peter Jacobson one time and he said to her “Christina, be a sponge, that’s the best thing you can possibly do, be a sponge. Take what you want, leave what you don’t.”


Surround yourself with individuals who have more than you, who have more experience than you, and who have higher dreams than you. Christina did an excellent job at this. She was putting herself in settings and was even willing to buy her way into some circumstances to be among that caliber of people. You never know what kind of connection you’re going to make or who you’re going to meet.

How Christina Got Into Coaching


Christina went to her first self-development event in 2017. She went into it thinking everyone else was going to have their life together and that she was going to be the only person struggling, but she arrived only to realize that everyone was dealing with the same issues she was having in life and business. After that event she had a fire under her to help other women feel good about themselves and she wrote it in her journal every single day. She had no idea how she was going to pull it off, but she had a feeling that this was something she wanted to pursue. It was like divine intervention for her.


It was a God moment – Christina knew deep within her that she wanted to start her own mastermind group. She met a woman at an event she was attending that was a super successful business person and she decided it was time to see if she could partner up with someone to start her own mastermind. She asked the woman if she’d be willing to do a small group mastermind, they’d each bring 1 woman to the group to have 4 people total and they’d help support each other in their life and business goals. The woman said “Yes!”

A New Business Bloomed


Christina’s small mastermind group started getting massive breakthroughs and she was moderating and running the entire thing. She told her husband she wanted to make this a bigger thing, but she knew if she was going to do it, she needed to hire a coach. It was a big, scary move and it cost her a lot of money, but she knew she needed the help.


Christina wasn’t sure how she was going to pull this off and how she was going to build the business but she just started. She started posting on social media every day and building up her following even though she had no idea what her offering was going to be. If you look at the stuff Christina posted 5 years ago, it’s nothing like what she posts now. She had little direction, but pushed forward anyways and the path started to appear. The most challenging aspect to achieving things in life is to keep going.


Christina hosted her first full-blown mastermind and went all in. The transformations that happened in that room were life-changing. Everything about that event was stressful and hard, but it ended up being the most amazing event ever. After that, she got a few one-on-one clients and everything started snowballing.

Invest in Yourself


Invest so much in this game that quitting isn’t an option. As if you’re in a situation where you have to do it. You can’t stop if you have someone with so much skin in the game. Hire professionals to ensure that the results are of high quality.


Christina hired the people necessary to help her figure everything out for her business. She hired her first virtual assistant and business manager that could help her with operational tasks. She hired a one-on-one coach to hold her accountable. In the beginning it’s really hard. She developed systems and strategies to run her business and figure it out.

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