This is 40…Here are my biggest lessons

In this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ podcast Christina celebrates her 40th birthday by sharing her biggest lessons she’s learned in life thus far.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn™ episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest lessons in life
  • The best experience Christina has had in her life
  • The epic adventure Christina planned for her 40th birthday
  • A loss that transformed Christina’s life and outlook on love

This is 40


Christina reflects on turning 40 years old. While birthday’s aren’t usually something she celebrates with a bang, she acknowledges the importance of this birthday.


When we’re young, we may think 40 is “old”, but the truth is that there is still so much life to live out!

The Biggest Lessons Learned

[9:04 – 59:48]

On this 40th birthday celebration Christina shares her biggest life lessons she’s learned thus far in life:

  1. Decision is everything – your choices in life shape your reality.
  2. Making a decision is hard – Train your “decision” muscle, the more you take action and make decisions the easier it will become.
  3. Make your health a priority – a body in motion, stays in motion. Honoring our bodies through nourishment and movement will hopefully allow you to prolong your life and experiences.
  4. Have MORE fun – when life feels like you need to just work to prove your worth, try and choose to have fun instead.
  5. Say YES to all the things that spark joy – there’s always a way to “yes”. Find the things you actually want to do, and decline the things that you don’t.
  6. Take the road to your passion – so many people take the easy road, but there is no joy or abundance in that. When you follow your passion that’s when true abundance comes into your life.
  7. Take risks – always be willing to be a little “nervous”, this feeling often leads you to building your dream life.
  8. Remember that no one really gives a shit about you, so do the things you want to do. (well maybe a few, but most of the time people don’t care)
  9. Keep your integrity
  10. Get out and see the world – find time to travel and see the world. Christina traveled solo for 4 months, and it’s been the best experience of her lifetime.
  11. Have faith – having faith in something greater than yourself will get you through life a lot easier.
  12. Don’t be afraid to love deeply, be afraid not to.
  13. Gratitude for the now is the path to the future.
  14. Money isn’t that hard to make – your emotional attachment to money affects your ability to make money.
  15. Stop scrolling on Instagram – get off social media and use that time to give back to yourself.
  16. It’s okay to change the way your family did or does things – you have the power to change your family’s stories.
  17. Most people are doing the best they can, give them and yourself grace.
  18. Hire others to help you with things you don’t like doing – this allows you to support others in their gifts and frees up your time to do the things you love.
  19. When you know your worth, you will be paid what you believe you’re worth.
  20. Confidence is 90% of everything
  21. Everything you think isn’t true – you have the power to change your reality through your thoughts.
  22. Go out of your way to be kind to someone – even to assholes.
  23. Nobody’s going to work harder for you, than you.
  24. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and nothing is an emergency – most of the things in our day-to-day lives are not urgent.
  25. Going to bed at 8pm is the greatest thing ever.
  26. Life is not to be waited for – you have to start living now and thinking for the future. Nothing is guaranteed, so what are you waiting for?
  27. Your circle gets smaller and more important as you get older.
  28. Take time to talk to those that you love – it can be hard to slow down and take the time to talk to the people you love.
  29. Come up with a family motto – Christina’s family motto is HHPK: Happier, Healthier, more Patience and Kind.
  30. When quitting isn’t an option, everything else is.
  31. You have to believe in yourself.
  32. Trust that where you’re at right now, is where you’re meant to be.
  33. People remember how you made them feel, rather than what your title was.
  34. The best investment you can make is in yourself – there’s nothing better than developing yourself into the best version of yourself you can be.

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