Moving Through The Tides Of Life

Meet Kitiara “Kit”, author, speaker, adventurer and GBR Age-Group triathlete. She joins Christina in this episode to share her story of sailing across the world and how it impacted how she now moves through the tides of life.

    Voyage Across The Sea


    In Kitiara’s early 20s she along with her partner took on the adventure of sailing across the world while also maintaining her freelance copywriting career. 


    This voyage across the sea turned into a three-year adventure and inspired Kitiara’s book “In Bed with the Atlantic”, which she published in 2018.

    Tides of Life


    Upon returning to her home in the UK, life quickly turned upside down for Kit. She experienced the loss of a loved one, got a job that anchored her in one place and her relationship with her partner came to an end. 


    When the tides of life rise, you have to begin making more intentional decisions to get things back on track.


    When life turns out completely different than what you thought it would be, you must realize you are in control of what you build for yourself next. 

    Moving Forward


    Moving forward also means moving your body. Movement allows you to emotionally and physically get through tough moments in life. 


    By implementing some type of movement in your life every day, you will start to notice the tides of life lower once again, and positive changes will start to happen. 


    When you make changes in your life and lifestyle, you can expect people in your life to have something to say. But you must remain disciplined and remember your purpose to keep you moving forward. 

      About Kitiara:

      From trans-ocean sailing to trail running and triathlon, I likes to get outside as much as possible. It’s not all big adventures though, she spends most of her time filming and writing about everyday explorations.

      Kitiara is on a mission to help others find their own path to getting outdoors, taking up an active life, and feeling confident in themselves.


      Show Notes for Moving Through The Tides Of Life:

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