Make the Decision to Take Action

It’s easy to say, “Just make the decision!” “Just take action!” or “Just have faith!” But what does it actually feel like when you are in the moment of making this decision, taking this action, or having faith? What if I tell you…these three things are all intertwined? They feed off one another. The power of making a decision doesn’t come from the decision itself. The power comes from deciding to trust yourself, having faith in God (or the universe or whatever you believe), and taking action to achieve your goal!

If your decisions are guided by faith and you work towards making them happen, you can achieve anything in life. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Christina talks about the power of decision and how decision, faith, and action are the things you need to change your life and start moving forward. Stay tuned!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Why making a decision is important for your growth
  • How to show up once a decision has been made
  • Actions you can start taking to reach your goals
  • How to decide it’s your turn in life



The importance of making a decision is a signal to yourself that every other decision is no longer an option. Christina takes action every day that creates a confidence muscle, and she knows that when she makes a decision, it is 100% made. But it takes time to train this muscle over and over again.

Showing Up


Ask yourself this question: How will you show up every day if you know that you know you will lose 10 pounds in the next 4 months? You are probably going to show up with confidence and treat yourself better. You show up and do not lose sight of the goal in mind until you can say to yourself, “Damn! I’m so proud of you. You did it!” Keep showing up to the decision because you know that you will hold to the decision you’ve made in your mind.


How is the version of you showing up knowing that the decision is made? Or are you letting little beliefs, thoughts, old habits, stories, and things that have set you back before continue to rule the show?


You have to show up to that decision. And what actions can you take to back up those decisions? Not everyone who joins Christina’s masterminds is there for business, and successful people are there to get rid of inhibitions and grow their self-confidence and self-worth. From there, they can step out and do something that they want to do, whether that’s a business, life, or relationship.

Be Contented


Christina loves the word content. She truly believes she’s content with her life. And yet, she strives for so much more because she’s happy with what she has right now. She’s so excited for the abundance that is coming.


God, the source, or the universe, wants you to be happy. They wants you to be abundant. This is the reason why we’re put on the planet. Have you ever noticed some of the most successful people in life are truly happy? Enjoy this life, bless others, be happy, and enjoy the experience that is so short. Don’t ever forget that this experience will be over in a blink of an eye. But the universe wants you to be happy.


Christina is closer to everything she wants in life because she makes the decision to decide what she wants, have faith and take action. 


Take off the timelines. Know that you have to make a decision. How Christina looks at her business now is how she looks at her past golf career, and she looks at how much fun she has on the golf course now and how good at golf she’s gotten with less pressure to perform. Now, Christina found success because she made the decision to change her life. She decided that she was going to be successful and is extremely blessed that this is the life she’s created for herself.


Make a decision, big or small, and show up by taking action to make sure that that decision becomes true. Have fun with it. Know that if you want it and the decision is made, it is already true in reality, and it is coming for you whether it comes next year or five years from now. It is 100% going to happen. Your mind controls everything. Make the decision that will happen, formulate everything you do around that decision, and quit talking yourself out of it.

Show notes for Make the Decision to Take Action:

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