Living Life on Your Own Terms with Kara Ayala

We all have a different idea of the life we want to live. But, many of us are stuck living lives that don’t reflect our true desires. This is because we were raised with certain values and beliefs that society has deemed as “normal” or “acceptable.” The thing is, if you grow up believing one thing, it can be hard to imagine living any other way.

However, there are ways to start living life on your own terms—ways to find peace and happiness in a life that reflects who you really are. In this episode, Kara Ayala, talks about her journey to living a life she loves and what you can do to be true to yourself too. Stay tuned!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Kara’s journey to becoming a money-mindset coach
  • Why It’s important to examine your mindset around money
  • The best way to start investing
  • How she handles allowing her children to make impactful decisions
  • How you can incorporate your partner or spouse into your journey

About Kara

[2:13] Kara and Mike married fresh out of high school. They had children quickly, and neither of them went to college or anything. They don’t come from wealthy backgrounds, and neither of them is an entrepreneur.

[4:04] They started their first business, plumbing and HVAC company. That marks the beginning of their journey to take control of their life.

Stress on their Marriage

[5:20] According to Kara, marriage is stressful. Especially communicating with your husband on his duties as a husband and as a father.

[7:27] Their dreams glue Kara and Mike’s marriage. They have always been good at setting big dreams. They always had that good communication of what’s possible and what they could do.

[8:05] This is why it’s so important to think about your mindset. Sometimes, the beliefs you have aren’t yours. They’re passed down generationally, and they cannot even be things said directly to you. But unpacking, why do you believe the things you believe?

Security and Safety

[10:58] Security and safety are illusions. It’s a lie we’ve been fed. Robert Kiyosaki said, “If you want security, go to prison because that’s the highest security you have. You have your meals; you’re safe there. You have a roof over your head, and everything’s planned out for you. But anything can be swiped up from under us. So how do you step out of that need for feeling secure when it’s not even true security?”

[12:40] If you can only invest in one thing, invest in yourself because nobody can take away your knowledge. Nobody can take away the skills. There are so many things that Kara and Mike have lost so much money and or failed. But that’s where they learn. Thus, no matter how much you put in yourself and your knowledge, no one can take it away from you.

The Best Way to Start Investing in Something

[14:01] If your business isn’t providing you with the lifestyle you desire, you just own a job. What Kara and Mike were thinking was going to be their retirement, and thinking, they got to bring other people into their business to help them with this business. Otherwise, it’s always going to be their time. As a result, bringing in key personnel was their first step. They also opted to purchase rental properties. They believe that if they buy two single-family homes per year for the next ten years, they will retire at 60. That was their mindset at the time. They invested in it, and it quickly grew.

[15:27] The second year, they found their first mobile home park. For years, they just built up this passive income through real estate. Real estate can become a business too. If you want to invest just for passive income, it’s better to invest in properties and then hire a property management company, so it’s more passive.

Living Life on Your Terms

[19:25] Not everybody is an entrepreneur, and only a tiny fraction are true entrepreneurs. You might be self-employed or your own boss, but not everybody is an entrepreneur. The key is making sure you have those passive incomes and then ensuring that the job you are working, the thing that you’re spending hours doing, is within your passion. It’s more than money.

[22:45] Continue to reevaluate, “Is that the life that you want?” Because it’s easy to say, “Go for your dream,” and then you wake up and you’re doing things you didn’t intend to do, and you have to draw back and say, “That’s not what I want.”

Protecting Children from Failure

[24:13] It’s not easy to protect a child from failure. They found a balance between Mike pushing himself and being hard-driven to their son in running a business and then Kara on her softness. At one point, they backed off. It’s going to work, or it won’t.

[26:21] Their son moved out and did his own thing. He created a course, and his business is blowing up.

The Greatest Life Lessons are the Biggest Failures

[29:20] It’s never fun. It’s almost cliche to say, “Learn from your mistakes.” But when you’re in it, you’re like, “This is teaching me, but only because I’ve been through difficult prior seasons.”

What Does this Next Season Look Like of Creating and Living a Life on Your Terms?

[30:46] Kara and Mike have a lot of things in the works right now. From doing Airbnb funds, continuing their mobile home park funds, and buying some HVAC companies, they return to what they were doing before.

Getting Your Partner on Board

[32:49] Invite them on the journey. When you’re in that growth mindset, you often grow at a fast pace. So invite your partner and then do some activities together.

[36:04] Surround yourself with others who are similarly energized. It’s not like you’re dragging him to a women’s conference or anything, but you’re also dragging him to dinners. Have dinner with people who share your interests or who elevate you.

Best Decision and Lesson Learned

[40:13] It’s when they opened their first business and just went all in. Kara learned that we are more capable of what we can do than what we think we can.

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