Living A Bucket List Life

Decision, Faith and Action are the pillars Christina lives by and that have allowed her to create a “bucket list life” for herself. As the new year approaches, this episode will guide you to start taking action on the things you actually want in life, and that there is no better time to decide it’s your turn.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn® episode, you will learn:

  • Living intentionally and staying focused on your goals
  • Christina’s process for entering a new year
  • Bucket list items accomplished this past year

Living Intentionally 


As Christina reflects on the past year she realizes that with every situation she had a very intentional vision. 


Writing down your goals for the year allows you to remain in integrity and keeps you focused. 


You have to get clear on what you actually want before you begin to take action.


Take time to write down what you want for the next year. Be as specific as possible, and remember to dream big! 


Living A Bucket List Life 


Decide what you want to truly do, accomplish and make happen in the new year. Then trust yourself that you have the ability to make it happen.


Christina shares her personal bucket list items from this past year and the accomplishments she achieved from her goals she made last new year. 


The minute you decide your ability to accomplish your goals, the sky’s the limit for you!


It’s up to you, and you alone, to live and create a life you absolutely love. 


Doing Your Part


You can come to a decision, or create a new bucket list item for yourself, but it’s essential you remember you have to do the work in order to make it a reality. 


Create practices that support you and your goals. Whether it’s journaling, working on your mindset, reading etc.

Show Notes for Living A Bucket List Life:

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