How To Legally Protect Your Brand

In this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, intellectual property lawyer Whitney Bower walks you through how to legally protect your brand and the importance of maintaining your own unique voice in the online space.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The Importance of Trademarking your business
  • The difference between purchasing a domain and securing a Trademark
  • How to protect your brand in the online space
  • About Whitney’s course and how they can benefit your business

The Importance of Trademarking


In order to protect your brand and business, it’s extremely important to have your business trademarked.


In a world where the online space is evolving every day in entrepreneurship, this is a key step to protecting your ideas and brand.


Whitney’s passion is helping businesses legally protect their empire and educating them on what can happen when you choose not to.


There is a difference between purchasing a domain name and Trademarking your business. Simply put, purchasing a domain can not protect you from someone taking your business name.

Your Business Mindset


An important question for an entrepreneur to ask themselves when it comes to their business name or idea is “How would this affect me if I lost this?”


When you decide to take legal action to protect your ideas, you are ultimately protecting your biggest dreams ahead as well.

The Online Space


The largest issue found on the online space is copyright infringement; the stealing of courses, content and ideas. It’s important to know how to legally protect these aspects of your business.


When you open yourself up on the online space, you’re opening yourself up to the entire world. This creates more vulnerability for your content to be taken and used for someone else.


Your audience knows you by your name and your content. It’s pivotal you secure your unique voice so that it can’t be taken from you.


About Whitney Bower:

Whitney Bower is an intellectual property lawyer that focuses on helping social media based entrepreneurs protect their brand and their content via trademark and copyright. She believes we all have a unique voice and is passionate about the growth of personal brands.


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