Learn from the GOAT: Vegas Dave

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Dave Oancea (aka “Vegas Dave”), an acclaimed sports betting consultant and former elite sports handicapper, joins Christina this week to talk about the differences between him and his larger-than-life marketing persona, Vegas Dave. He also shares his why’s, how he’s pivoted his business during the pandemic, some advice for eager entrepreneurs and so much more. 

Christina Lecuyer’s Bio:

Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn: Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully live in their purpose, confidently and successfully! 

Dave Oancea’s Bio:

Dave Oancea (aka “Vegas Dave”) is regarded as one of the elite sports handicappers of this era, from taking a $10,000 student loan to having set numerous records for payouts in sports betting.

Today, he is an acclaimed sports betting consultant, providing mentorship for clientele from all over the world, putting them in a prime position to do what Dave has done successfully in the past that is win at sports betting.

From what started with 5 players 4 years ago has now grown into a global business recognized worldwide. 

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Full Episode Transcript: Learn from the GOAT: Vegas Dave

Christina: Y’all welcome back to the Decide It’s Your Turn podcast today. I’m unbelievably excited for our guest because he’s definitely out of the box. He is a sports information consultant and his name is Dave Oancea, but if you are one of his three and a half million followers, you may know him as Vegas Dave. 

David, I’m so excited you’re here today. Thank you for coming. 

Dave: No problem. Thanks for having me. 

Christina: I love it so much. So how I kind of started following you, you were dating someone in the golf industry and so I didn’t know who you were before that, but I started following you. And the more that I kind of dove into your content, the more I’ve kind of been obsessed with what it is that you do. 

You’re very good at what you do in your sports world, but what I think you’re doing fantastically right now and what this podcast is really all about is helping people step into their purpose, step into their decisions, make decisions confidently. 

And you’re also what I consider like the king right now of creating fucking epic content that everyone is obsessed with seeing. And I know I’m sure in the beginning it was probably organic. And then you started realizing, “Oh fuck, people are obsessed with this lifestyle that I’ve created online.”

So I’ll let you kind of introduce yourself, what it is that you do and then we can kind of go from there. Sound good?

Dave: No problem. I mean, right now I’m the number one sports information consultant in the world. My past was sports. You know, my parents are immigrants. They wanted me to get a college education that wasn’t for me. I went to Michigan State twice, got kicked out twice.

Went to UNLV to tell my parents, I was going to go to school to make them proud, but I took a student loan out for $10,000, didn’t buy books and shit, put it all on red and roulette, double that money dropped out of school. And that’s where I built my empire. I had a lot of ups and downs gambling.

Then I finally beat the system and I’d beat him for millions and millions of dollars. The only person to beat Vegas and sports books. They banned me. Didn’t want to pay me. And then they worked for the government to indict me on 19 alleged felony accounts where I faced 40 years in prison. I thought that case for three years, I’d beat it.

And now the documentary of a book and movie about my life coming out this year, it’s already done. And right now I just help people make money. I do a lot of things, you know, the content you want to talk about. I mean, that’s basically my life in a nutshell, you know, I have two personalities.

I’m David Oancea that you’re speaking to now, the biggest Dave is the marketing character you see on Instagram. So that’s basically the nutshell. I’ll answer anything you want me to add? 

Christina: I love it. So obviously take me back a few years ago, when you just got released from the felony charges, when you knew that you were no longer able to gamble in Vegas. 

What was the decision in your mind? Like how did you decide, “I’m fucking broke as a joke right now, I’m not allowed to do the thing that I have always known to do that has gotten me money.” 

How did that decision happen and how did you continuously take action on that? 

Dave: Well, it was crazy because I never believed that having a job, I always tell people, “You can either be the boss or have a boss.”

And I wanted to be the boss. So as a sports betting consultant, I mean sports better. I loved it because I love sports. And my goal was to make a hundred thousand dollars a month as a sports better. So when they banned me, you know, I felt like I was crushed. And what was I going to do? I wasn’t going to get a fucking job.

I’m not going to call another grown man, a boss. So I pivoted, I decided, you know what, I’m going to sell pigs for a living and I’m banned, but other people aren’t banned. So let me help them get banned. And I flipped it on them, instead of most people facing 40 years in prison, they turn to drugs, alcohol, depression, all kinds of shit.

I bunkered down and moved in with my parents. I shut myself off to the world. I grinded at work every day. And it turned out great because right now, like I told you, my goal is to make a hundred thousand a month. A bad day for me is a hundred thousand dollars a day. Like I’m on pace to do a hundred million this year for myself with no overhead. It’s like I pivoted and I’m relentless. It’s all about being able to persevere through hard times. 

Christina: Yeah, I love it so much. You know, in that moment, what was your why? Because I always believe people have to have a why and I see you online. I love the passion you have for your parents.

You just bought your parents this million dollar home. Is it in Vegas? 

Dave: Yeah, it’s a beautiful $4 million home. That is my, why? You know, people ask me, why do you work so hard? When’s enough. Even when I dated Holly, she’s like I dated other people. But you’re crazy about your work hours. Like you will not take a day off.

And my, why is two things? Well, it’s from my parents because they’ve done so much for me. If it wasn’t for them believing in me and helping me, then I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. 

So it’s super important that you take care of them. So buying that house for them paid off in cash was one why. Number two, is otherwise just that I’m motivated to help people. 

People understand that, “Hey, I could retire right now, but I love the grind. I love the hustle and I love helping people around the world make a secondary stream of income and not just forced betting, but never give up on their dream because I always tell people in life, you could lose a partner. Someone could die, lose a job. We all go through depression. You want to quit.

But if I was facing 40 years in prison, 19 felonies, and I was able to build an eight figure- a-year business off my cell phone. I was facing some tough shit and I was able to do it. It’s all mindset. 

Christina: No, fuck. I love it. Mindset is everything. That is like really what I preach. Right?

So one thing that I’ve heard you say time and time again, your parents are your why, however, I’ve heard you say this, and this is one of the things that I know my clients come to me all the time with is what other people think.

And I’ve heard you say, “I don’t give two flaming fucks what my parents thought, because they wanted me to go to college. They want to do all the things.” So many people battle this, is that they love someone so much and yet they care so much about what those people say. So basically you told your parents to fuck off and yet your parents are your why.

So tell me a little bit about that. 

Dave: Well, yeah, my parents, they just wanted me to get a college education. I’m their only child. So that’s what they believe. But you have to understand when parents tell you that shit for the listeners out there, they’re doing it because they want the best for you.

That’s all they know. That’s how their generation was raised. Go to school, get an education, get a job and play it safe. So they’re only telling you that because they actually love you. 

But I had a vision. I’m a different breed. My DNA is different. I always liked the quick flip, like I was always an entrepreneur. Why would I want to work 10 hours a day when I can go door to door and knock and sell candy bars and make a hundred dollars a day as a kid.

So, it was tough, but I had a vision and I knew, I always knew I was gonna be successful. So I had that belief. A lot of people lack the mindset. They doubt themselves. There’s nothing in my fucking head that says, “What if it doesn’t work?” Everything’s going to fucking work because I’ll make it work.

And if it doesn’t work, I’ll work 80 hours straight without sleeping and make it work. So it’s all determination and mindset for me. 

Christina: I totally agree, a hundred percent. I’ve only been following you maybe a year and a half. When did you start dating Holly?

Like a year and a half ago? 

Dave: Maybe? No, our first date was around Thanksgiving and then we broke up in October. So it was almost a year. 

Christina: Yeah. So I’ve only been following you like a year, but I’ve been seeing a dramatic change in you. And we can kind of talk about, you know, Dave  Vegas, Dave, the player, and I totally see where you’re doing with the media, but where does the flip come in the last year where you’ve kind of dove into really, truly sharing this part of you, which is the part of you that is like unwavering, wanting to motivate other people, wanting to help other people. 

You’re unbelievably gracious. I literally posted your stuff and I’ve never told you this, but I reposted your stuff and I even get haters.

They’re like, “I can’t believe you fucking like follow him or promote him and all the things.” And I just, I love it because. Oh, yeah, just fucking haters. Like some guy’s like, he’s so fucking full of shit. I can’t believe it. 

Dave: Who said that?  

Christina: Just the haters. So interesting. But I see just such a different side and we all have demons.

We’ve all fucked up. I am far from perfect at any point in time, but at the same time too, I see your generosity, I see how you’ve been switching in the last year where you were balling out in Vegas every single day, you had nine chicks, you had Birkin Bags, you had Rolls Royces, you had all the things.

Where did the flip happen in the last year where it’s kind of been more of a softer side of Dave. 

Dave: Well, it’s because I’m actually wealthy now, truth is, I was building the brand, I was rich. But I wasn’t wealthy. So it was a marketing show, it was a perpetual TV show. You want it? It’s a lifestyle.

You want to see the girls, I had all the hottest girls. Rolls Royce’s, Ferrari’s. I’d make it rain 50,000 in a strip club and never got a lap dance in my life. You know, I buy a hundred thousand dollar bottle of champagne. I don’t even drink champagne, all for the content. I have the division, I sold the lifestyle.

I videotape everything. If you want me to come to your club or dinner, I’m videotaping everything. So I had a perpetual TV show, so I was the king of content. So that division content is the new currency. Content is King. 

Whoever makes the most content wins. And people thought I was crazy for carrying a camera around everywhere, but now they call me a genius, but I had a vision.

So back then I was selling a lifestyle. People were like, “Who is that guy? What does he do? Oh, he picks sports bets.” They go to my page and then I retain them as a business. So Vegas, there was a marketing tool, David Oancea. It’s the business owners, entrepreneurs that retain their business by my results, results-driven business.

If I don’t make money for people, they fucking quit. Cause one pick is a thousand bucks, I’m the most expensive in the world but also the best in the world. But now that I have so much money and the brand is already there. Like people come and say, “Hey, you want to party? I’m like, dude, I don’t even really drink anymore. I don’t go out.” 

So no matter how much I changed, people still have that brand in their head, that the player, the partier, the spending the money. So I did such a great job at branding that even though I’m not even that person and I live with my mom and dad, I’ll always be thought of that way. Unless people like you who are a real, no offense, 99% of the people in the world are stupid.

People know that I’m very blunt. I don’t care. I hurt people’s feelings, but 99% of the people in this world are fucking stupid. And they can’t see it, but you’re smart. You can see through it and people, the 99% of people, all it’s bragging, no, you just don’t get it.

I’m trying to inspire the 1% that see the vision and change those lives because I’m not meant for the 99% of the people that think it’s arrogant. They confuse arrogance with passion. 

Christina: Oh, fuck. I love it so much. I am exactly the same. I literally have veins pop out of my fucking neck with what I’m supposed to do.

I definitely don’t make near the amount of money that you do, but I make really good money and I’m fucking motivated, like money to me buys time. Time is the most valuable asset on the planet. Like money buys time and you’re able to like gift other people. But at the end of the day, to me, it is like fucking changing someone’s life.

I wake up at 4:00 AM, I’m fucking inspired by what I get to do. And that’s why I think I was so drawn to you, as well. I could see behind the smoke and mirrors, my husband is in real estate and I follow a guy named Grant Cardone and he has taught – You know, Grant? Yeah. So he’s talked so much on podcasts similar to this. 

Grant Cardone, the guy that stands on jets and has all of the things and all the cars. And then there is Grant Cardone behind the scenes that literally said until he bought his jet, he had never flown in first class, let alone a fucking private jet until he owned his own Gulf Stream or whatever the fuck it is.

I just love it. I’m obsessed with that. 

Do you think your brand will ever change right now? Do you ever see your brand going away from the Vegas Dave, Birkin Bags to more of a Dave Oancea

Dave: Yeah, it’s slowly transitioning. I get hit up by Forbes and Business Insider. People are realizing now that I’m an entrepreneur, you see all these other people, Grant, Gary, they’re very good.

They might make hundreds of millions a year, but you have to understand they have overhead. They have leases, employees, salaries, but people are realizing that I’m netting a hundred million dollars a year because my only bill I have is my cell phone. What business model that makes more sense?

You don’t go to work. You don’t get paid. I don’t go to work. I still make a hundred G’s off sitting at the beach here in Cabo. So people are realizing that I have no overhead and that’s why I’m starting to get featured in more business and entrepreneurial outlets because people are really realizing, wow.

I show my tax returns online. I have nothing to hide. I pay my taxes a hundred million this year. I’ll show  them and I have no overhead. So it’s like, people are going to realize who I am and I think people change over time because I no longer do those other things. I will never go to a nightclub again.

You couldn’t even pay me enough. They offered me a hundred thousand dollars a show up at Drai’s nightclub for 10 minutes. I would say no. Why? Because I don’t want to be around other losers at night. There’s nothing good that goes on at midnight. I don’t want to drink. It’s going to fuck up my next day where I could make $200,000.

So, I don’t want that life anymore. I think people will change over time. People change in their perspective because people are always judgmental. 

Christina: Yeah, no, I love it for sure. Um, What was the catalyst though? I think I want people to always get something from this and obviously they’re going to get a ton from it, but what was the catalyst for you?

You said, “Okay. I became wealthy.” But was there ever a point in the time, like what happened? Was it the pandemic, the breakup? Was it like getting your people, your parents, the house, was there a catalyst that said like, “Fuck this, deuces. I am out from nightclubs and I am like doing fucking yoga and I wake up at 4:00 AM and like getting fit. 

Dave: I think the biggest change is when the government and the casinos came after me. You’re living the life and then the next day you’re on the news labeled as a criminal and you’re facing 40 years. 

And that was a wake up call because now I’m grateful for the government. I’m grateful that the Feds came after me and I’m grateful that the casinos are crooks because without that, I wouldn’t have everything I have, it was a turning point.

I was able to flip it, but I just was tired of the bullshit. I knew what I had to do with people watching this right now, you know what you need to fucking do. Everyone has choices where you are right now in life is predicated on the choices. You make everyone watching this, they know what’s right and what’s wrong.

I knew going out at night was wrong. I knew Danny was wrong. I knew staying with Holly, that didn’t want to do shit with her life anymore, was wrong, but I was able to pivot out of all those. We all make shitty choices. But the great thing about being a human being is God gives us a new opportunity every day, every morning. You can wake up early and become great or hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

And if you hit the fucking snooze button to be a bum, the next day God’s going to give you another chance at four in the morning again, or wake the fuck up and achieve greatness. And if you fuck up again, guess what he’s going to give you another chance the next day.

So, I’m just happy that I’m a human and I’m able to do what I want to do. I just made better choices. I got rid of all my loser friends. I stopped going to nightclubs. I stopped getting cocktail waitresses. I stopped drinking. I stopped wasting money on bottles and putting money in real estate and cash flowing assets and just being smarter with my money.

And yes, my circle of friends have gotten smaller, but my bank accounts got a lot fucking bigger. 

Christina: Do you believe your circle of friends has become a better quality of human? 

Dave: Yeah! Before, I was the smartest one wherever I went, because why am I hanging out with cocktail waitresses, fucking club hosts, I was always the smartest one, where can I learn?

But now I have very few friends, but they are just as wealthy or even wealthier than me so we can have conversations. That’s why I didn’t even know you’re this smart, you know, cause I would stalk your Instagram. It gives me hope. I gave up on dating, you know, I’ve already said, there’s no way. I just did a live feed and I was just, like I said, broke bitches are played out.

I’m like, why is every girl broke? Like where are they entrepreneurs that have their own money? No one wants to work nowadays. So it’s just like, it’s hard to find people to have a work ethic and drive and people just quit. And I tell people right now, if you didn’t pivot during the pandemic then guess what, you’re going to have a poor mindset, you’re never gonna be successful. 

Christina: I love it. The pandemic to me was like the greatest thing ever. This is like a little story for you. So I used to do corporate and charity golf events, clients and companies hired me to play golf with executives because I look a certain way, but at the end of the day, I carried it on for 10 fucking years because I can carry a conversation and I’m pretty intelligent.

At the end of the day, they like fucking hanging out with me. So at the beginning of the pandemic, every golf tournament, I lost like a hundred thousand dollars in a matter of like 10 phone calls. And I was like, for two days, I was like, “Mother fuck, what am I going to do?” But that’s what I really was like, watch this.

I will literally leap every fucking human being during the pandemic. Cause people, for the first like few weeks, everyone was like fucking watching Netflix and stuff. I’m like, Oh bitch, I’m doubling down. Fucking watch me. And I just kept that mentality through the whole entire pandemic. And my business went, for me 300,000 up was fantastic for myself.

And it was just so interesting because I feel like that’s exactly what you’re saying. Right? You literally use these opportunities in life. For you, it was the felony charge. For you, it was either a pandemic or a breakup or whatever the fuck it is. You literally have to use those as hurdles to the next greatness, right?

Like that’s and I totally agree with what you’re saying. That’s why, like, I’m fucking obsessed with like the content and I see what you do. So for some of you who don’t know you or watches you, every time you do a post, you go live. And when you first started doing it, I was so curious. I was like, “Why does he fucking do that?”

But it’s so genius. You give away a thousand dollars. Everyone goes live, everyone likes and shares it. And the algorithm pushes you up. It’s fucking genius. Everything that you do is so well calculated. I just laugh. Now, I just go on and laugh. I’m like you, people are idiots because you think he’s giving away a thousand dollars.

But really what he’s doing is getting another half a million followers in his account that are going to buy his bets.

Dave: People don’t have vision. I’ve been quoted saying vision is seen with the brain, not the eyes. Everyone has a twist. They think vision, see with the eyes, no vision is seen with the brain and people don’t have vision in this world to be successful.

You need two things. You need balls. Big set of balls and vision and people aren’t risk takers. People play life on the defensive side where I’m on the fucking offensive side. I always tell people, “Most people’s worst nightmare is to lose their job. My worst nightmare is to get a fucking job.” And that’s the difference between financial freedom and job security and people don’t understand that.

Christina: That’s so good. People definitely need to hear that. So right now you’re going into real estate. Obviously, you have all the money that you could imagine right now. What would you tell someone who’s trying to get to your status? Number one. Then if you do have some financial security, where are you pivoting right now? I know that sports betting is like this massive industry that will last forever. I’m you’re like literally your best fan, because I’m like the shitty, shitty person I’ll spend a few thousand dollars gambling, but I’m not fucking like you where I literally give a shit about what I’m doing.

I’m like, “Oh, this is fun.” But do you see yourself staying forever in the sports consulting industry? 

Dave: Yeah. Well, I can never, my goal is when I hit a billion I’d retire, but everyone says you’re never going to retire and it’s like, even if I’m 65 or 70 on the beach, why would I stop?

All I have to do is pick up the phone and say, click the link in the bio. I got the winners and I’ll make $30,000 off one post. Like I’d have to be so fucking stupid and be so lazy to do that. It’s why I don’t travel. Now I come to Cabo, my second house, people like, “Why don’t you go to Europe? Why don’t you travel to Japan?”

Because I make a hundred, $200,000 a day. If I can’t use my phone for three days, instead of enjoying Japan and Germany, I’m like, “Dude, I just lost a half a million dollars.” I’m going to be miserable the whole fucking time because I’ll look as the trip as a loss. So I’m so focused on work and I don’t think I’ll ever stop because on a bad day, If I don’t make a hundred thousand, I’m pissed. 

Christina: I’ve heard you say that, $20,000 in a day and I’ll fucking kill myself. But do you actually believe that that’s true? Do you believe that you will not get to a point? Cause I think you have been pivoting so much and maybe this is like the coach in me or whatever, like the female in me. Do you not believe that there could be a time in life where you’re like, “If I lose half a million dollars for three days, it doesn’t matter because I’m truly in love with my life at the moment.”

Dave: Well, I make money regardless, win or lose as a consultant. 

Christina: But not being on your phone for three days is what I mean. Can you be okay with enjoying an experience of life and not being on your phone for three days? 

Dave: I would select it during like a shitty NBA week or hockey week? No, I think maybe if I found love, because love changes everything. So I would do it for my parents. If they wanted to go. Maybe if I found a partner that I loved that and. You know, things change, but as of right now, I love my business and I love fucking making money and nothing’s gonna steer me away.

No girl, no nothing, no nothing. I just love what I do. But again, I think maybe one day, if I fall in love or I travel with my parents, maybe I can do that for a week. But right now I’m not willing to. 

Christina: For sure, but you’ve gotta be willing to do it. There has to be enough reason behind it. How do you believe that someone gets to a 1%?

I totally agree with you 110%. I call them unicorns, like there’s unicorns in this world. And I believe that at some point in time, you see this person and you’re like, it doesn’t fucking matter. I always say, there’s no way in hell I’m going to lose because I’m never going to quit.

You can take away the fucking internet. I believe that about you too. You can take away the fucking internet and you would find a fucking way, like you would figure out how, if Instagram goes away tomorrow, you’d figure it out. So would it be a massive headache? Absolutely. But you would figure it out.

What characteristics do you look for in that 1%? 

Dave: I look that I know about the 1%, 

Christina: What are the one percenters?

Dave: One percenters have drive, ambition, big goals, relentless work ethic. They don’t give a fuck what other people think and a strong mindset, it’s mindset.

Everyday someone’s trying to sue me or steal money or slander my name, you know? So it’s all mindset. Success is hard. Most people can’t deal with people talking shit about them every single day. People don’t want to wake up at three, four in the morning, it’s tough.

You know, I have personal issues. I have family issues. I have lawsuits going on. People, I’m a target, you know, my guard is up. Do I have to worry that every girl I date once my money? Do I have to worry that every guy has an angle for me because they want me to invest in their business? All this shit.

It’s because you got to stay focused. A one percenter has drive, ambition and they’re relentless, and they have a strong will and desire never to quit. Like you said, you can’t fucking quit. You know, everyone fucking quits when times get tough and they go to what’s comfortable.

And I always tell people, you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable and people aren’t willing to get out of their fucking comfort zone. 

Christina: I love it so much. Have you always had this mindset or do you believe that this has come through the hard times? 

Dave: Um, I’ve always had it in my DNA, but until I got more mature,I really didn’t grow up until I was 38.

So that’s inspiration for people at 38. 

Christina: I’m 38, congrats. There you go. You made it 

Dave: I really didn’t get my shit together until I was 38. And then 40 is when I started actually practicing the principles I knew. And now I’m 44 and like it’s, it’s game over for me now. It’s just more money and just more accolades and more accomplishments for me.

Christina: Yeah. I always say that confidence is like a muscle. So you have a ton of confidence, but confidence is like a muscle. You have to fucking use it. Right? I went and climbed Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago and like I literally signed up within one month of saying, a ”Yes”, I went from like, saying yes to like fucking being on a mountain.

And the whole entire time I was like shitting myself because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it and all the things. But like after you do something like that, like you push yourself through hard things. I’ve gone through a lot of hard things, but at the same time, too, every time you push yourself to go through another hard thing, another hurdle, I believe that you build that confidence muscle.

Do you believe that’s true or do you believe that you’ve always had some sort of confidence muscle?

Dave: I’ve always had it. I’ve always had, I’ve always had a deep belief system in myself. I always knew that I was different. I’ve always been different. I’ve known I’ve been different. You know, I think different, I moved different.

I act different. I mean, how do I predict things that no one else can see? It’s because of vision. God blessed me with tools and characteristics that he didn’t bless most of the other people in the world with, so I need to take advantage of it. I’d be a loser if I did not leverage the gifts he gave me.

So that’s why I’m very appreciative of what he’s blessed me with. And that’s why I go all in and I try to share a lot of stuff I do because it is not teachable. It really isn’t, but it can be motivating. If I could change my life, why can’t other people? 

Christina: Have you always had a strong sense of faith?

Dave: Yeah, I pray to God three times a day, every morning, every night, every day during the day. I always tell people, if you eat three meals a day, you can pray. I give, I pray and I give thanks. And I pray for love, health, happiness, wealth, and success, and to bring the right people in my life and the right business opportunities to my life and to keep the wrong business opportunities and the wrong people from my life.

So I know it verbatim because I say it three times a day.

Christina:  I love it. My husband and I have a slogan we say to each other, we’re happier, healthier, more patient and kind. Every day. We actually have a bracelet that we wear, but it’s like exactly the same thing. I never grew up in a faith background. When I had my rock bottom moment, 27, 28 type of timeframe.

I knew that I needed something greater than myself. Because I was always trying to do life by myself. I didn’t grow up with it. And so now, God, and I say, you know, God and I are tight, he knows that I say, fuck. And he still loves me. That’s kind of where I’m at, but for me, having a higher power has been absolutely life-changing for me.

Do you believe that someone in order to have an unwavering type of success and a 1%, or do you believe that they have to have some sort of faith?  

Dave: I believe so. I mean, I don’t go to church, but I believe in God and I pray to God. But I believe I have two guardian angels over my shoulders because I always win and I was lucky things always bounce in my direction, because I think I do the right thing, you know?

So I believe most successful people, they’re givers and have good hearts. So I do believe you have to have some form of faith and you have to actually be a good soul. I don’t think God is going to bless someone with an abundant amount of money if you don’t have a good soul and you don’t have strong faith.

Christina: Yeah. I think someone listening to this could say, “How are you a good person when you’re “doing the things that got you to the felony charges?”  How does that work for someone who is listening to this and is like, “Fuck you, you’ve robbed people of money or the casinos or whatever, whatever it.” 

Dave: I mean, I was innocent, it was an alleged felony. I just beat the casinos. They didn’t want to pay me. So they ‘d get me for 19 alleged counts and I beat all 19 of them. Usually, if you’re getting 19 felonies, you’re going to get like two or three. I got them down to zero because I was innocent. People don’t understand that I did fucked up shit when I was younger.

Everyone does fucked up shit. I was mean to girls. I was mean to people, but you grow up. But also during that time I was developing a brand. I was marketing. I had a vision and all those people that I was around, they didn’t really like me anyways. You know, they were just part of my content. They were just using you for the money, you know?

So it went both ways. So, I made a lot of mistakes growing up. A lot of poor choices, but as I said earlier, your life is predicated, the choices you make. And if you don’t like it, God will give you an opportunity to make better choices. It’s up to you. How bad do you want it? We all know what’s right and wrong, but people choose to do wrong most of the time.

Because it’s what’s more comfortable. 

Christina: Yeah. Is there anyone in your life that you grew up with or that you knew early on that you’re still really close with now?

Dave: I have a friend I talked to on the phone. He lives in Michigan with his wife, maybe once a month. I outgrew all my friends. I’m an outcast they think but then I make more money than all my high school classmates together.

There’s nothing to talk about. I outgrew my friends, I outgrew the partying. I don’t want to be around people that want to settle for mediocracy, people that just want to be average. There’s nothing wrong with those people. It’s just, I don’t have time because time is money and I need to speed and speed is execution.

And, you know, I executed at a very high pace, so I can’t dilly dally with the wrong people. So I really have a very small circle of friends. Um, and I’m fine with that. I actually like being alone. I used to come to Cabo with 10 waitresses every single time. Now I come to Cabo by myself or maybe a girl will come for a couple of days. I’m here for a one-way ticket by myself because I like to work in solitude and I like to be alone.

I think people are afraid to be lonely and loneliness was a key. People think, oh, being alone is the true definition of loneliness. The true definition of loneliness is being around the wrong fucking people. That’s the true definition of loneliness. I’d rather be by myself than hanging around for bums and people have twisted.

Christina: Do you believe that in order to get to the next level of success, whatever that may be, you have to surround yourself with another level of people to get to that next level? Because I always say, you are who you surround yourself with. And I host women’s mastermind groups and men’s all these things and I’m a part of it as well. I always say I paid for my friends.

I paid to be in certain circles to be around certain people who are vibrating on the highest level who want the things that I want in life and all the things. Do you believe that you need to start surrounding yourself with another level of people to get to that next level? 

Dave: Yeah and the first step to that might be alone. You have to have self realization and understand that who you hang around with is key. I always tell people, change your circle of friends. If you hang around four guys that smoke weed, most likely you’re the fifth. If you hang around for guys that play Madden football games, most likely you’re the fifth that plays video games.

You can complain about the government while you’re broke. And if your friends complain, you’re probably a complainer, too. You have to change your circle of friends. I got rid of all my loser friends from the nightclub. And guess what, they’re still doing the same fucking shit, doing nothing and partying and doing nothing with no future.

So yeah, you need to change who you roll with. That’s super important. And that means being alone for a while. That’s better than being around the wrong people. 

Christina: Totally. I love it because so many people come to me and they say like, well, I’m always by myself. I don’t have a circle of friends. I’m like, okay, fuck. That’s fine. My closest people don’t live anywhere near me. I have people all over the world because I want to be surrounded with those who I get off a phone call with, or I get off a Zoom with and I feel like I’m vibrating. 

I have zero fucking tolerance. I used to use this example all the time, but I said, I’d rather lock myself in a dark room than go drink wine with other people who want to bitch about their lives and bitch about their husbands.

I have zero fucking tolerance. If I don’t vibrate after getting to talk to you, you’re probably not in my life. 

Dave: And there’s not that many people like that. It’s very hard to find someone to connect with. It’s very hard. So I like to do stuff alone because I can’t be around people that are just doing nothing.

I’m losing my patience for people, the older I get. So, I’m learning to love myself more and being alone more, which I enjoy. I’m happy alone. 

Christina: Yeah. I love it. Do you believe in manifesting? 

Dave: Yeah, I believe in manifesting and I manifested my dreams and my visions and my goals. I’m a manifestation of my dreams and goals.

I always knew I was going to be successful. I always knew I was going to buy my parents a dream house. I always knew I was going to leave a legacy. Everything that I envisioned and I put a vision board on everything’s happened. No, except getting married. 

Christina: I was about to say, that’s where I’m kind of going with this. You said nothing’s off limits. So I’m telling you, you need to fucking start reciting what you were recite about your health and wealth and all the things. 

Dave: I asked for love.

Christina: You need to ask for the certain kind, just like he got very fucking specific with your career. You need to ask very fucking specific for the woman. 

Dave: I’m not ready. I don’t think I’m meant for a relationship. I’m different. Most women will never understand my drive and work ethic. They don’t understand. I’m different. I have to work every day. I need peace and quiet when I work, I can’t have the music on. I’m difficult because I have a vision. 

Christina: Totally. And there’s other people that have a vision as well. You’re just telling the universe something that doesn’t, isn’t even what you want. So quit fucking telling the universe that. 

Dave: But, I don’t want to get married. Right.

Christina: Literally, start asking for the person who literally doesn’t care if you work 18 hours a day. Start asking for the high vibrational human who gives us much shit about her life as you do yours. 

Dave: Do you have a sister? They just offered me to be on the bachelor. You know, they want me to be like that millionaire matchmaker. 

Christina: Don’t fucking do that. 

Dave: And it was like the top episodes I walked off. I was like, these girls are disgusting, but now honestly at one day, maybe, but right now I don’t want a woman. I want to be alone.

I’m making so much money. I’m doing so well. And a woman to me will just be a distraction because a woman needs to be loved. A relationship is work. It takes work, action relationships in the act. It’s an action verbally. You have to put time and I’m not willing. To fucking sit with you for three hours at dinner.

I’m not willing to sit on the phone for 20 minutes because I need to be working. I’m selfish right now. And I understand that I am selfish right now. 

Timing is everything, and I’m not willing to give 10% of my energy to anybody right now because I’m blooming this year, the documentary, the book everything’s coming out right now.

Scott Bernstein is right in my movie, who just did straight Outta Compton. Like I got big shit going on and a woman would just slow me down. Now if somehow some way someone came in my picture and it was perfect, that I’d be open-minded to, but I am not looking so I don’t want to ask God. I don’t want to add that into my prayer.

I’ll keep my prayer where it is, and then when I’m ready, I’ll ask. 

Christina: I love it so much. Just perhaps write it on. I live on sticky notes. Just put it on a sticky note. I’ll put it like next to your fucking computer. You’re going to be fine. So tell me, got a couple of more questions for you. Tell me, where is Vegas Dave in a year from now?

Dave: Yeah, I’m still living in Vegas. My new villa will be built next door, a 20,000 square foot villa here in Cabo, next door to this villa. Where will I be? I’ll be a bigger, better brand with more eyeballs. People understand me more. This is the biggest year of my growth. I’ll get 5 million followers this year.

I’m going heavy into my marketing, heavy into my branding. And I will be way levels higher than I am right now. And I’m pretty much exploding right now, but this year will be the biggest year of my life, brand wise, content wise, and just people knowing who I am. 

Christina: Yeah, I love it. Well, you’ve got three and a half million followers, people know who you are, but if any of my audience doesn’t know who you are, Vegas Dave, on Instagram, he’s on there all day everyday.

But besides the Birkins, besides the girls. And can I just ask, did that girl honest to God tattoo on her ass? 

Dave: Yeah, let’s put a goat tattoo. 

Christina: Oh my God. 

Dave: We want it for the content. Like, and I never spoke to her again after that. I mean, girls are just crazy, I don’t know. I was like, if you want to do it, go ahead. I’ll film it. I have another guy that put a picture of me holding the $500,000 Birkin on his leg. It’s on my YouTube, a kid got tattooed on his leg. It’s crazy right now. 

Christina: Well, I just think it’s super interesting, but if you look beyond the girls with the biggest Dave tattooed on their ass, there’s a ton of amazing content there. 

I’m so grateful that you said yes to doing this because I’m obsessed with the vision, I’m obsessed with what you actually do as not only just a content producer, but like the messaging you really put out there. 

So thank you for doing this. 

The last question I always ask everyone is what is one decision you were afraid to make? But once you finally did it, it ended up better than you expected, or if it didn’t end up as good, what lesson did you learn?

Dave: Go with my gut. I always go with my gut. I think the last one and not to bring in relationships, I left Holly and I always make a decision and I know my gut’s always right. But I let the media influence me a little bit. Oh my God. She’s so hot. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I knew in my head we did not have the same values.

We didn’t have the same respect for our parents. We just were at different wavelengths. And I knew that I had to leave. And it was tough because I’d never found someone that loved me so much. All I can say is that she’s a loving person and she loved me so much. And I don’t think I’ll ever find another woman that loved me so much.

So it was hard to leave, but I was right. You know, two months later she was doing OnlyFans. Everything that I thought in my head was rubbing my visions. And I was afraid a little bit to be alone after being with someone for so long. But once I jumped that hurdle and now look at me, my business is exploding.

I’m making more money than I’ve ever made. So I tell people out there, not just about your job, people are watching this. You’re in a shitty job. You think you’re worth 100,000 a year, but your boss pays you 40,000. So you settle. You’re in a relationship, your husband cheats on you, you know that your wife cheats on you but you settle because you don’t think you can do better.

Don’t settle. Relationship-wise, work-wise, because it only gives it to you. And your boss is your boss, never quit in his dreams. And you did. And there’s so many people out here and on going to a relationship fucking counselor, but there’s people that are in a fucking relationship knowing that the partner’s shitty, but you stay with them because you can’t get better or you don’t think you get better, or you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone.

Get out of it. And trust me, I was there too. And life is so much better when you go with your gut and live with purpose because. Yeah, one life that you don’t want to live with regret. You want to be 70 years old, man, I wish I would have listened to Dave on that fucking podcast. You know, I wish I would’ve, I would’ve listened to Dave on that podcast.

I wish, I wish I wish because regret is the biggest fucking agonizing thing you can have when you’re 70 or 80. So when I look back in life, when it’s time to go down and bury myself in a grave and times come, I have zero fucking regrets. 

Christina: Let’s end it there fucking Dave Vegas. I want you to thank you so much. I appreciate it. It was wonderful.